Why Kay Hagan’s Defeat Is Good for America

Gone. (AP)

As the midterm elections approached, most Democrats had resigned themselves to losing the Senate, but few, if any, were expecting to lose in North Carolina.

To be fair, there weren’t too many Republicans predicting a Thom Tillis victory, either. But that’s exactly what happened Tuesday night, when voters denied Kay Hagan’s bid for reelection. Hagan’s loss is a huge win for America, and here’s why:

Hagan was a terrible Senator

Ever since riding into office on Obama’s coattails in 2008, Kay Hagan has accomplished next to nothing. She spent the last several years preparing for her reelection by skipping important committee hearings to raise money in Manhattan. Her policy positions were incoherent, and she often avoided weighing in on controversial issues, in some cases by literally running away from reporters. Speaking of the press:


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6 years ago

Good bye Hagan and dont let the door hit you in the rear end while you are leaving, also the media never questioned her about the black tie boat events with that other slug senator Manchin and what these senators were doing on Manchins boat floating many times, drinking and doing all sorts of sordid things. never came up once with the media. their is one group of people I DETEST even more then Hagan and its the media here in North Carolina, their days are numbered anyway because no ones listens to them, they have all made themselves powerless due to their satanist Marxist ways and being the spokespersons for the democratic party. its over with for you and your false polling data.