Why Large and Highly Effective Organizations Are Inclined To Tyranny

Tucker Carlson recently produced an episode on the Masters of the Universe who recently congregated in Davos for their annual conference to discuss how they are going to save mankind and planet earth from mankind. Carlson and others pointed out that none of the purported leaders who gathered at the globalist summit seem very impressive or competent. Moreover, many of their idealistic schemes for improving the world are laughably sophomoric, based on hypothetical models that fail to address complex reality.

Throughout history, many observers have marveled at how immensely powerful states and institutions are, as they mature, often led by smug and arrogant men whose personal abilities are not commensurate with the great power they hold. Why is that? A likely explanation is the extreme effectiveness of organizations. A stupid and corrupt mediocrity at the helm of a powerful organization will always be more effective than a talented individual operating in the world by himself.

Because the organization is so effective, it often lulls the mediocre leader into believing that HE is the reason for its success, and he therefore becomes arrogant and smug. While bad leadership may result in disastrous setbacks, they are likely to be temporary if the overall organization remains intact. Likewise, the triumphs of talented individuals will be equally temporary if they fail to organize.

I’m often reminded of the the German chieftain Arminius, who totally destroyed three Roman legions at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. A prince of the Roman-friendly Cherusci tribe, he was educated in Rome and then sent back to Germania with the Roman politician and general, Publius Quinctilius Varus, who was tasked with completing the Roman conquest of the country and its tribes.

From his close observation of the Romans, and Varus in particular, Arminius had privately come to the conclusion that—for all of their talk about civilization, law, and citizenship—they were a rapacious, exploitative, and tyrannical bunch. In Arminius’s estimate, Varus was little more than a glorified tax collector.

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10 months ago

It’s not rocket science.

They have power and want more of it and to control every aspect of your life down to if you live or die, like a god.

10 months ago

“A stupid and corrupt mediocrity at the helm of a powerful organization will always be more effective than a talented individual operating in the world by himself.”

The mediocrity could be looked at as the American people (and contextually, this would also be correct because many still tout it as a constitutional republic; in theory they are to be at the helm). In other words, those people being largely disaffected (much of the public) will be indifferent to that which previously and currently displays acumen, organization, and strategic capabilities, and will work to counter it in curtailing any opposition even when directed from unseen forces. The motion becomes the frenzy, a substitution for what previously was.

Examples of how the above quote has practical application today; artists, athletes, intellectuals, and essentially as pertains to all fields. Most of these individuals will not be realized throughout their lifetimes with regards to their respective abilities, thereby preventing an atmosphere for growth and expansion and the influential awareness that would otherwise be part of the national stage.

Questions for consideration: Is the public bringing society down? If so, how did it get on that trajectory? Why was it allowed to go on unabated?

The should explain in part, why constitutionalists and the like, have and will continue to be marginalized. Everything is increasingly weaponized; views, education, religion, science, medicine, relationships, the workplace and the arts, day-to-day activities, speech, politics, government, law, food, land. It’s war on your soil, ultimately perpetrated by its own people, an extension of the churches and their inherent dullness. Institutional stalemate.