Why Sell A Very Profitable Business?

What does Cerberus know? Why would they put the Freedom Group up for sale when demand is insatiable? Ammunition and firearms are both selling at a premium. Possibilities?

1. They want to make the world a better place without firearms. Not likely with the George Soros connection.

2. They are afraid of future liability. Not likely under the 2nd amendment unless the Constitution is about to replaced.

3. They need to make less money. Not likely with the George Soros connection.

So they must know something that we do not. New government regulations or taxes? Restrictive gun control legislation that will cripple future earnings? Part of a government conspiracy to disarm the people. Just another piece to the new world order puzzle unfolding before our eyes?

David DeGerolamo

Cerberus founder explores bid for Bushmaster gunmaker

Private equity mogul Stephen Feinberg is exploring a bid for Freedom Group, the Bushmaster rifle manufacturer that his firm, Cerberus Capital Management LP, put up for sale after one of its guns was used in a Connecticut school shooting late last year, three people familiar with the situation said on Tuesday.

Feinberg, along with other senior Cerberus partners, is putting together a consortium to make a “stalking horse” offer, or the floor bid, for Freedom Group, the sources said.


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8 years ago

Bushmaster was sued & a judge ruled against them.
Never mind that the filthy koranimals were prosecuted for those acts of jihad in Dar al harb.
Also -- the lawyers are foaming over it.