Will Suicide Become Our Country’s Legacy?

Another pensioner has committed suicide in Greece due to overwhelming personal debt. Despair over his unborn grandchildren’s future and the fate of his country were listed in his farewell note. The people of Greece made a fatal mistake: they transferred their faith in God to faith in the state. The Socialist state offers empty promises that people should recognize but the prospect of hope instead of despair, has an irresistible allure. A majority of America saw this allure with the phrase “hope and change”. The new phrase “Forward” has its history steeped in Communist dictatorships. Well we were promised “transparency”.

Anyone who has a strong faith in God would never consider suicide. Salvation is a gift given to one individual. The belief of “collective salvation” by the president shows a limited knowledge of Christianity. However, a nation can be punished collectively when their rulers do evil in the eyes of  the Lord. Although this can be considered to be national suicide caused by rulers, the price is paid by the people. A national debt that is twice the entire assets of the United States is reason for despair. That despair can only take root in a people who have lost their faith or have misplaced it in a hopeless state.

David DeGerolamo

Pensioner hangs himself in Nikaia park

A 61-year old pensioner was found hanging from a tree on Wednesday, in the Agios Filipos park of the Nikaia area. The lifeless body of the pensioner was discovered by a park attendant, who also found his suicide note which read as follows:
“The police do not know me. I have never touched a drink in my life. Of women and drugs I have never even dreamed of. I have never been to a kafenio (coffee house), I just worked all day! But I committed one horrendous crime: I became a professional at age 40 and I plunged myself in debt. Now, I’m an idiot of 61 years and I have to pay. I hope my grandchildren are not born in Greece, seeing as there will be no Greeks here from now on. Let them at least know another language, because Greek will be wiped off the map! Unless of course there was a politician with Thatcher’s balls so as to put us and our state in line.
Signed, Alexandros 29/5/2012”
His neighbours described the pensioner – a father of two- as a hard working man. He had been employed in ship repairs and construction sites and up until recently, he had been working as an electrician on a merchant ship.
He was facing sizeable financial problems and it was these that pushed him over the edge.
According to neighbours, prior to taking his own life, he was seen wearing his work overalls, carrying his tools and sitting on a bench in the park.
None however, imagined what he had in mind.
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