Will You Fight or Destroy Your Country?

Glenn Beck played an audio from a coalition meeting to destroy US Capitalism, collapse the stock market and bankrupt JP Morgan bank.


I agree with his decision to make this information public but he may have expedited the implementation of their plan. I suspect that they will target a different bank and see if an additional 10% of the people will put greed above public virtue by defaulting on their mortgage.

David DeGerolamo

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Zero Cool
Zero Cool
9 years ago

Why so much Fear in the Air?

Fear is the best motivator known through history to be used as a tool to manipulate large populations. Therefore this is why so much rhetoric is being used to create an atmosphere of fear in order to obtain one single objective. This objective is to remove the current president from power at all costs, even at the cost of dividing Americans; creating more racism and bigotry among neighbors. Today there is more distrust among Americans than ever before, why? It’s miss-informed bloggers that cause more harm to us as Americans. These bloggers are NOT attempting to unite our people, but rather attempting to cause a revolution through social media and by the use of disinformation. These blogger are attempting to emulate the cause and effect of other social media around the world. One thing is for certain, these fear mongers/ bloggers have no credible background to authenticate their rhetoric, for if you search their backgrounds, many of these bloggers are not government personnel, nor recent military, and many are unemployed with no life other than to blog and surf the internet. These people have no real perspective of what a true threat is, but rather their perceived threat is developed through their only means of information, the internet, or GBTV. They’re xenophobic people, living a false reality. Their rhetoric is un-patriotic and only serves one purpose, to divide us all and weaken our country. So I ask, if there is any possibility of truth in what I say, what is the outcome? Are you a follower, or do you have the ability to discern for yourself by means other sources than the internet, or TV. This internet social media blogging phenomenon is destroying our country, and appears to have originated from the communist handbook on social engineering.
When people refuse their cooperation, with hold their help, and persist in their disobedience and defiance, they are denying their opponent the basic human assistance which any government or hierarchical system requires. If they do this in sufficient numbers for long enough, that government or hierarchical system will no longer have power.

9 years ago

It seems too many people are roboticly repeating what they hear their idols on TV saying…people like Morgan Freeman & Bill Maher for example--who try to portray the Tea Party and other patriotic Americans as racist. Their only evidence is that the Republicans do not want the current president to get re-elected. Hello? The fact that there is such an overwhelming difference in governing policy never enters into the equation for the liberals. All they know is Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals--personalize your target and then strive to discredit them, among the other tactics. Never can they debate an issue, they have no knowledge, no facts, only bias and hatred for differing opinions. They resort to name calling, changing the topic, or framing the message…and because the right has been educating themselves while the left has not, the right is supremely equipped to win the argument based on merits, which only makes the left more angry and determined to win at all costs. “The end justifies the means” are words the left lives by, following Alinsky, who is also known for his homage to Lucifer for having gained his own kingdom. In my opinion, anybody who admits they would refuse charity, preferring to rob than to receive a gift, is neither Christian, nor American, and should not be followed by any decent person. The fact that this president taught Alinsky and who surrounds himself with like-minded people, is a huge insight to the personal compass he uses to guide our nation. THAT, along with too many other specific reasons that matter, (unlike RACE), is why we want Obama to be a one-term president….we want his policies that are destroying our nation to end ASAP. If all the left can see is race, they are truly blind indeed. The right is trying to have a debate and reach consensus, while the left simply rebels with disrupting tactics--when will they sit down and study the issues, stop avoiding the truth that is staring them in the face? It’s hard to admit they’re wrong I know, but some grace would go a long way in repairing their image and self-esteem. As long as their ignorance and grand-standing persist, we will continue to be divided and manipulated by the side they proclaim themselves to be on…..who are in fact, the ruling globalist elite banksters they claim to abhor. Life is indeed stranger than fiction…would not have believed this could ever happen….I think I’ll rewatch Wag the Dog with a new perspective.