You Never See the Black Swan Event Coming

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Whatever event starts the collapse of our economy, we probably will not see it coming. Two weeks ago, China was not a consideration as most bets would have been on a conflagration in the Middle East. China’s saber rattling could not come at a better time: Japan’s economy is one of the worst in the world and they have no effective leadership. It seems that hope and change dementia is not limited to the United States.

How about a great Reichstag fire? Obama releases the financial information for people who were foolish enough to sign up for Obamacare. Of course the administration will blame a patriotic domestic terrorist group for this security breach. Imagine several thousand cases of identity theft in one day. What would be the response of banks? Who would trust the Obamacare website? How would the administration react if a large civil disobedient population said NO. I suspect martial law and a long bank holiday would solidify the pResident’s (and Valerie’s) agenda in short order.

But then it was just a thought. Who would believe that Obama does not have our nation’s best interests in his heart?

David DeGerolamo


China’s military ratcheted up tensions on Tuesday over its disputed East China Sea air defense zone by threatening military action against Japan and saying it would enforce new aircraft controls.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yangsheng accused Japan in a statement of “making trouble” and he warned Chinese military aircraft would enforce the newly imposed air defense identification zone, or ADIZ.

“Japan’s actions have seriously harmed China’s legitimate rights and security interests, and undermined the peace and stability in East Asia,” Geng said through the official Xinhua news agency. “China has to take necessary reactions.”


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