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Pro-Palestinian Activists, Occupy Oakland and Incompetent Local Government

According to the book “Megatrends”, California is a bellwether state for the entire country. If this is still true, the events in Oakland foreshadow the successful implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy for the United States. The Occupy Oakland movement is … Continue reading

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Imagine That – Occupy Memphis Meets Memphis TEA Party

While I realize what the real intent of Occupy Wall Street is, I also realize that most occupiers do not. I wrote about joining patriot groups with Occupy [Insert City] on October 3, 2011. Once I removed the knives in … Continue reading

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Re-election by Suspended Election Revolution


The following excerpt from the Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast comes from an article at Canada Free Press. This is the site that exposed the breach of public trust in the 2008 presidential elections: no state checked Obama’s requirements to be … Continue reading

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