14 Charged with Child Rape in North Carolina – NCFIRE January Report


This months’ report of illegal alien crime in NC includes 14 different individuals charged with CHILD RAPE! It can be viewed online as a pdf file here: http://ncfire.info/january2013.pdf.

The crime of child rape is occurring at a rate of 8 per month on average. That amounts to 96 kids that are brutalized and scarred for life every year in NC.

What is it going to take before the NC General Assembly puts a stop to this insanity?

Contact them and let them know it is time enact strict immigration enforcement measures in NC. Enough is enough!

Your NC Representative- http://ncleg.net/gascripts/members/memberList.pl?sChamber=House (Find your Rep. and click on their name for the email address)

Your NC Senator- http://ncleg.net/gascripts/members/memberList.pl?sChamber=senate (Find your Sen. and click on their name for the email address)

You can view the past 4 years worth of monthly NC crime reports on our “Crime Report Archives” page here: http://ncfire.info/crimearchives.htm

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
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