A Colonel of the the US Airforce Demanding an Immediate Investigation of Obama’s Forged and Stolen IDs

Ms. Rexrode:

Please pass this message to Chairman Goodlatte:  Sir, I am a 26 year military veteran (retired) and not prone to rash judgments  I have looked at in detail the documentation  that Attorney Orly Taitz has accumulated regarding President Obama’s eligibility to serve in that office. I have watched with increasing alarm as those in our government and particularly our judiciary at various levels have chosen to ignore the evidence and instead attack the messenger or resort to technicalities to avoid doing their job. I am more concerned now about the future of our country than I have ever been. The media of course is so biased as to be not even worthy of listening to. Letters I have written to my representatives have resulted in just boilerplate replies none of which confront the issues. It is way past time to address this concern head-on and quit worrying that others will call us “birthers” or other stupid things. I prefer they call me a “truther” because that is what I am after. Only YOU can get to the truth. We 300+ million citizens rely on YOU 500+ government representatives (Exec, Congress, SC) to do what is right.

Please investigate at once the processes used by the administrators and the justices themselves to review this case (Noonan et al). What has apparently happened so far is frightening. We all took an oath to support and defend our constitution. Those who do not do so or who believe it is their job to ignore and change our constitution should do the honorable thing and immediately resign. As Gen MacArthur said ” a million ghosts” will rise up shouting “Duty Honor Country”.

You must look at every shred of evidence regarding President Obama’s SSN, his Selective Service Registration, his student status, and the other issues raised by Ms. Taitz (who has nothing to gain from this and has been subjected to cruel and vile ridicule) and the experts involved. I could care less what his grades were. My opinion is he should be proud to show his accomplishments at college as an example to all our children of what can be done if we work hard. But he seals his up so no one can see. Why? Time will eventually tell us but I do not believe we can wait long. The future of our children is at stake. The Supreme Court must be investigated now.

Thank you,

Richard Brewer, COL (Ret) USAF
San Antonio TX


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David Reed
David Reed
8 years ago

Funny how you didn’t demand the same verification on Romney’s tax returns.

8 years ago
Reply to  David Reed

We have an imposter in our white house…. are you an American?

Ricardo Cabeza
8 years ago

Orly Taitz (worst lawyer in Californa, possibly the country) used a skip tracing database to make some far-fetched connections and then proceeds to call it evidence. Coming from a pro per this might be excusable. From a lawyer it is embarrassing. Of course Taitz’s main goal is to extract money from gullible followers. To that end she has been very successful.

Ricardo Cabeza
8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Proof she is conning money. Well her foundation is defunct and does not file tax returns for it, yet she continues to take money. Paypal link on her web page is more proof of her gimme gimme gimme tactics. She lies about what is going on in the courts.

Yeah, sure she had a Supreme Court hearing on Obama birth certificate on 2/15/2013. Truth is she applied for an emergency stay of an act that had already occurred. Impossible for the Supremes to grant her any relief.

A. She is either a worst lawyer than I am giving her credit for or B. she is an outright liar. Make your choice, A or B

Ask any reputable document expert -- IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ASCERTAIN FORGERY FROM A SCANNED DOCUMENT ON THE INTERNET. But you do not want to here that of course. You would rather listen to Orly’s expert, what a joke.

Hint -- scanned documents will have layers. Do you think that it is odd that real experts are not jumping on your bandwagon? Or maybe all document experts are in on the conspiracy.