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A Colonel of the the US Airforce Demanding an Immediate Investigation of Obama’s Forged and Stolen IDs

Ms. Rexrode: Please pass this message to Chairman Goodlatte:  Sir, I am a 26 year military veteran (retired) and not prone to rash judgments  I have looked at in detail the documentation  that Attorney Orly Taitz has accumulated regarding President Obama’s … Continue reading

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Supplemental brief for the Supreme Court of the United States

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES CASE #A-12606 NOONAN ET AL V BOWEN SUPPLEMENTAL BRIEF OF NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE Case at hand is scheduled to be heard on February 16, 2013 in a conference of all the justices … Continue reading

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Judge Malihi Rules that Obama Is Eligible to Be on Georgia’s Ballot

Judge Malihi ruled against the plaintiffs concerning the president’s eligibility to be on Georgia’s ballot in the November election. He disregarded the evidence presented on the forged birth certificate based on the lack of credibility of “expert” witnesses in his … Continue reading

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“What Obama is asking now is totally insane” – Georgia Eligibility Hearing

OBAMA BOYCOTTING GEORGIA ELIGIBILITY HEARING Barack Obama has announced through his attorney that he will boycott the administrative hearings scheduled tomorrow in Georgia to review evidence of whether he legitimately is a candidate for the presidency, prompting an attorney for … Continue reading

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Birther Update by Orly Taitz

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The Fight for the Truth Continues

Please, contact members of the Tea Party in HI, registered Republicans, members of the military, stationed in HI, check for them on facebook and Internet, ask them to come to the hearing September 14, 2011, US District Court, Honolulu HI, … Continue reading

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