A Good Indication That Things Are About to Happen?

Last year, I posted an article from Doug Hagmann which had a reference to the upcoming economic collapse. At the end of the original source article, a warning sign was given:

DH: How soon do you see things taking place?

RB: They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next big economic event.

I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].

24 hr gold chart

Let’s hope that the huge dip in gold today is not the indication that we were warned about in December.

David DeGerolamo

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