Pick Your Trigger

The news concerning the violation of our 2nd amendment rights has taken center stage. Pick your trigger:

  • UN Arms Treaty
  • State bans on certain firearms
  • No Ammunition
  • MRAPs
  • DHS and other associated alphabet agencies buying massive amounts of ammunition
  • State bans on magazines

Keep your eyes on the number of baskets the president made. Ignore North Korea, China, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, Northern Africa, Syria, and al Qaeda. Ignore Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland and Italy.

David DeGerolamo

UN adopts Obama-backed arms trade treaty opposed by the NRA

The Obama administration joined 153 other nations Tuesday in approving an arms trade treaty opposed by the U.S. gun lobby.

Adoption of the treaty sets up a showdown between the White House and Congress, where a majority of senators have called on the president not to sign the treaty because it regulates small arms.


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