A World with no Liberals…

I am very proud to have your trust in our III Arms Project, and that is where I am devoting my spare energy. I want our prototypes built, refined and ready for production ASAP. I often assign myself timelines that are too aggressive, but I want our first offering, our 1911, ready for production within 90 days. That’s my target. I hope I beat it. If we run a little longer, so be it. We won’t sacrifice quality for an artificial timeline I pulled out of the air.

It was 8 days ago when I floated the request to you all for contributions to pursue III Arms. I set a shoestring minimum of $25,000 to get us through the prototype stage and to get our first media kit built, everything ready for production.

We seem stuck just about $3k short of our target in pledges – we’ve been there for a few days now.

I’ll keep the Founding Members opportunity open until Wednesday next week, the 8th – 2 weeks for III Patriots to be part of this history. Dig deep, folks. $250 is the minimum buy-in, but every dollar you can add to that makes it easier and faster to reach our goals. You will be an official Member of the company that is putting the most patriotically infused firearms in America in the hands of Patriots.

Consider that for a moment, folks. The III is a political Movement, our common premise is Liberty. Every one of you who is a Founding Member of III Arms Company will be responsible for helping to put the tools of freedom and Liberty on gun store shelves and in the hands of Patriots across America.


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