Allah Allah In Free

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Let’s face it – this administration’s system for vetting people coming into our country failedspectacularly in the case of the San Bernardino killers. As did domestic intelligence efforts intended to ferret out terrorists in our midst before they strike. And in the aftermath, Barack Obama once again bloodlessly lectured a frightened country – claiming that Islam had nothing to do with the violence, that the refugee “widows and orphans” entering our country are no more dangerous than tourists, and that the steps he’s already taking to protect us from terror (so unsuccessfully) are all that is necessary.

And, oh yeah – Americans must resist their natural inclinations toward racism and ethnic hatred.

Much of what Obama said is demonstrably nonsense.


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Average Joe
Average Joe
5 years ago

Notice how Trump suggested we stop muslim immigration until we can figure out how to keep the jihadists out (of course that isn’t possible) and immediately thereafter the minions from both parties and the media lost their collective minds rambling on about how it isn’t “Constitutional”, as if they actually cared about the Constitution, completely misrepresenting what he stated while offer no solution whatsoever?

Basically they confirm what we already know. That being their only interest is in the destruction of the United States as founded and returning the “stolen wealth” back to the non-Whites from whom it was stolen. And of course, being unhinged and full of hate and rage, will even destroy themselves in the process if that is what it takes.