GRNC Alert 12-09-15: NC’s Attorney General to Bring Modern Day McCarthyism to North Carolina

Parroting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper recently demanded state legislation to deny gun purchases for anyone on the Terrorist Watch List, saying: “Stopping terror suspects from getting weapons that could harm our state and its people makes common sense. Even if Washington won’t act, we can.” By barring gun purchases to 1,000,000 people on the Terrorist Watch List, Cooper surpasses even Barack Obama’s proposal to deny roughly 50,000 people on the No Fly List.

Fret not that tens of thousands of lawful citizens – including Senator Ted Kennedy – have been denied airline transportation thanks to misidentification. Never mind the Terrorist Watch List is so inaccurate it includes 72 Department of Homeland Security employees. Forget that stringent gun control in both France and California failed to stop terrorists from getting weapons. And don’t bother to read the Huff Post’s “7 Ways You (Yes, You) Could End Up On A Terrorist Watch List“.

Why not? Because all that is trivial compared to having the state’s top cop and would-be governor proposing to flout the Constitution by denying you due process under both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. You have no “right” to fly, but as affirmed by the Supreme Court in DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, you definitely have a right to keep and bear arms.


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5 years ago

just another dumbed down ignorant Bolshevik marxist demonrat. Cooper should have been forced to resign three years ago when he did not want to defend the marriage amendment. he is dereliction of duty as of now and with other law he has refused to represent for the state. he should have been impeached by the senate and they also failed at thee jobs. whores protecting whores.

Average Joe
Average Joe
5 years ago

So how do we go about REMOVING him?

The first goal of government is not to violate the rights of the citizens who created it and fund it, government, but to protect them! Any and every public SEREVANT who does not understand that fact and recognize it as his or her FIRST responsibility is by definition unfit for office.