Ann Barnhardt on Scalia’s Dissent

Scalia’s dissent on the Obamacare verdict, despite all of its bravado, is utterly, totally devoid of virtue or merit unless and until Scalia RESIGNS.

This is the point I have been desperately trying to make for years, to pretty much zero avail.  Continuing to engage a blatantly, obviously illegitimate paradigm is totally irrational and immoral, and belies a serious lack of character.  Scalia can give us all the rhetorical candy he can come up with, but until he resigns he is a rank hypocrite, and this is undeniable precisely because he has demonstrated in writing, in a SCOTUS dissent no less, that he sees and understands exactly what the situation is vis-a-vis the Rule of Law in the former United States.

But, but, but… his SALARY!  And his PENSION!  And, and, and people might not be nice to him if he resigns in protest!  And, and, and that would just give Obama the ability to appoint another commie!

Because after having the entire notion of the Rule of Law formally and explicitly shredded in the Obamacare decision, and the Natural Law CRIMINALIZED in the sodomite marriage decision a few minutes ago, WE HAVE SO MUCH TO LOSE AT THIS POINT.  Am I following your thought process correctly?  Boy, if Obama gets to appoint another SCOTUS seat, something REALLY BAD MIGHT HAPPEN!  Do I have that about right?  Eyeroll.


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