Ann Barnhardt: Where This WILL Eventually End Up: Fetal Cannibalism

With regards to my Tax Strike, and how I have been begging, pleading, admonishing all of you to STOP PAYING TAXES TO THIS ILLEGITIMATE AND SATANIC REGIME, not only as the last non-violent means of resistance, but also for the good of your immortal souls, I would often use rhetoric such as, “What is it going to take for you to draw the line and say ‘this far and no farther?’  What crime will these people have to commit, what atrocity will be needed in order to rouse you from your acedia, indifference and decadence?


That question is no longer a hyperbolic rhetorical device.

After the second Planned Barrenhood video was released, it occurred to me that the inevitable terminus of this LITERAL MEAT MARKET was the selling of late-term, intact (whole) fetuses into the Asian black market for food.  The Chinese, in particular, have been well-known to consume what is codenamed “spare rib soup”.  This is nothing less than soup made of whole human fetus and placenta.  The Chinese tout this as having “medicinal” benefits – like eating “human life force”.  Fricking pagans.

And it sells for THOUSANDS of dollars per serving.

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Teri of NC
Teri of NC
6 years ago

Unfortunately, cannibalism isn’t only happening in China. Here in the U.S. Pepsi was using fetal cells (via Senomyx) in their diet drinks.

Now Nestle is using Senomyx:

Besides food products, fetal cells are used in some vaccines in this country, too. See the Children of God for Life website for more info:

The difference between us and China is that most Americans don’t know this is happening in our own country, that we may have unwittingly consumed these products without realizing what was in them.

Arduth Bay
Arduth Bay
5 years ago

I didn’t make it to Argentina. The IRS is better than my SS-Storm Troopers.
If Americans had a mouth full of shit…they wouldn’t say ” shit ” !!

Warmest regards,
Adolf Hitler

Carol Petrone
Carol Petrone
4 years ago

Dear Ann -- google “fetal soup” in Asian countries. Pictures of women choosing glass jars of little babies on shelves of grocery stores……… Carol Petrone