Ann Barnhardt – Which Team Are You On?

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Ann Barnhardt tells things as they are. “Praying to The Gospel of Prosperity” Let’s see what she has to think about some my recent observations and talking points. Thus, “sith discomfort, someone that has lost his or her way either finds out he is a “human being” or he reacts with anger thus confirming the fact he was a “lost in the first place” that anger is denial. There has been a cycle of denial built on trite-banal information which has been spun into the feedback of cultural noise. The internet went on a trajectory from the hard to soft, from the exchange of important ideas and thinking towards superstition, cult, and culture devoid of personal responsibility. That is an American culture now praying to things such as Wall Street Political figures and consumerism. A country entirely and people totally trapped within the echo chamber of dissonance.


And lo, the sixth seal was broken, and hardcore financial traders began making videos about God, and morality and personal integrity, and rent their sackcloth garments and did put dust and ash on their heads, mourning and weeping in the highways and hedges.

It’s getting Biblical, y’all.

This audio-only interview with Warren Pollock (sorry, none of my patented Extreme Facial Expressions™) dovetails beautifully with yesterday’s post.

There is no bailout that can fix this. To the contrary, as we see in Europe and in the U.S. post-Lehman, not only do bailouts fix NOTHING, they make everything worse as the populace, devoid of integrity, sees that it can simply go back and rape the system again, except each cyclical iteration will be at least an order of magnitude larger than the last bailout cycle.

This is a problem of personal integrity. This is a problem that only God can fix, both on the macro level and on the micro level. But Warren’s epiphany is that the fix MUST, MUST, MUST begin at the micro, individual level. A world devoid of integrity on the individual level will by definition . . . dis-integrate.

Ann Barnhardt

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Belinda Duras
Belinda Duras
9 years ago

i’m a very simple person can you explain this for dummies please. is this against God’s prosperity somehow??