This time with EXTRA NECKTIE! Worn smartly under a riding jacket – but rest assured, under the jacket my tie was hanging down below my knees. Does that bother you? Good. The necktie is now OFFICIALLY my trademark. Along with the crazy eyes. Heh.

I am also very seriously considering taking up smoking a tobacco pipe to go along with my evening port. Just to piss people off. I’ll keep you posted on that.

This presentation was recorded last night down in Colorado Springs at a joint meeting of Liberty First and the Pikes Peak Economics Club. Since the two ships of politics and economics have sailed, this presentation is a bit of a conclusion about the spiritual battle, titled “Freedom vs. Liberty vs. License”.

As with almost all presentations about Christianity and eschatology, there is plenty of potty mouth and gratuitous name-calling, so be forewarned.

Oh, wait. That’s just me that does that.

Ann Barnhardt

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10 years ago

This woman has a spine of steel!!