Are the Benghazi Survivors Being Sequestered?

The survivors of the Benghazi attack which cost the lives of four Americans have been in isolation since September 11th. Six months later, they have not testified in Congressional hearings. Why?

David DeGerolamo

GOP lawmakers threaten to subpoena Benghazi survivors

Exasperated GOP members say unless they get more answers from the White House, they will call on the survivors to testify before Congress, and might hold up President Obama’s nomination to replace the U.S. ambassador who was killed on Sept. 11, 2012 in Libya.

The recent revelation that U.S. survivors are recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital has sparked GOP demands that the White House provide Congress with access to them. It has also breathed new life into the controversy that was highlighted repeatedly during the 2012 presidential campaign.


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[…] Are the Benghazi Survivors Being Sequestered? ( […]

Steve Lunn
7 years ago

What difference does it make to find out The Truth is always important, especially when it will take Mrs Clinton to make a decision to become a full time Grandmother. At least her husband finally found out what IS IS.Or is it IS IL ?