Ben Bernanke: Who’s Lying Now?

Ben Bernanke does not know that the United States share of the IMF is 17.70%? Although he was correct when he said the Tim Geithner is the US governor to the IMF, he neglected to mention that he is the alternate governor. However, his response that the US is giving tens of billions to the IMF is an outright lie since he knows the amount is in the hundreds of billions as documented in a previous article.

Rep. Price should have pressed Ben on the Fed FX swaps since that number is now over $700 billion in only the past two months. Maybe that is also only “tens” of billions.

The transfer of our wealth to Europe is nothing short of treason. Benedict Arnold’s place in history is about to be usurped by Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner.

David DeGerolamo

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