Biden’s Advisor was Right, People Are Dying in ER Waiting Rooms – And They Caused It

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By Sarah Westall 

Back in November 2020, the so called experts were warning that people would be dying waiting to be seen in ERs. Here is what Biden’s health advisor had to say:

Dr. Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, made the warning on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. Osterholm, who recently became an advisor to President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus committee, warned that “a few more weeks of this level of activity” will create a situation where people will be dropping dead in ER waiting rooms.

He was warning that the hospitals would be so overwhelmed with sick people that they would not have enough staff or facilities to care for them. But he was wrong, this did not happen… yet.

This was before the geniuses in our government were mandating the mRNA shot and before they were firing all the health workers who refused to be jabbed with an experimental and unproven treatment. Now fast forward to January 2022, 1 year after Biden took office and his “expert” advisor was right, we are seeing people die waiting to be seen in the ERs across the country, but not because of the coronavirus.

So what is going on?

Here is what Newsweek had to say on January 6th, 2022 about the Kansas Health System:

Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer at the University of Kansas Health System, said his hospital had 640 staff members call out sick. He said his hospital is treating three times the number of COVID-19 patients they were a month ago.

“This is hands down the toughest surge the medical community has had to face since the pandemic began in 2020,” Stites said.

Dr. Jennifer Watts, the chief emergency management medical officer at Children’s Mercy hospital, said she had 327 staff members out sick on Tuesday, but the number keeps increasing.

“It speaks truly to not challenging situations, but true crisis situations,” Watson said.

Elsewhere in Indiana, reported by Microsoft News on January 10, 2022:

“We are just started to hear about some of these patients who have been waiting to get very critical procedures done, such as by-pass surgery on the heart, valve replacement, that are dying. They didn’t die of COVID but the pandemic has really played a major role in those individuals’ deaths and it is

really sad,” Dr. Bache told 16 News Now Monday.

As of Monday morning, Dr. Bache reports 33 people were kept waiting for a hospital bed in the ER.

As a result, surgeries are being cancelled, the ER is full and so is the ICU which has caused those without COVID to wait for hours, if not days, longer than they normally have too.

“The ER, to put it bluntly, is really just a disaster right now. You can’t easily walk through the areas. The patients who continue to come through our front door that are needing to be evaluated and treated, they are occupying beds in the halls, chairs, we are trying to see them out in the waiting room. The waiting room is completely overflowing. It just really is a disaster,” Dr. Bache explains.

These are not isolated incidents, this is happening all over the country. But why? Well, it is obvious to those who do not absorb the Kool-aid and the propaganda media:

Read the Whole Article Here…

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9 days ago

I know I am going to step on a few toes here but, the new, medical industry, has its finger prints all over this so called pandemic. The monetary incentives offered by this “illuminate governance” to the hospitals is criminal. I won’t even get into the socialized medicine debate. Critical thinking and scientific thought is seldom practiced in the “new and better” medicine. Instead all we have are a bunch of CCU’s, better known as, clip board carring units, following a railroad diagram for a diagnosis. How I long for the country doctor of old, mistakes and all!

9 days ago

My G’daughter worked as a triage nurse early on in the covid scare. It was Fauxci’s policy then for people with covid to stay home unless they needed advanced care. She said it was a four step process when patients came in with advanced symptoms of covid. ICU, Remdesivir (run-death-is-near) ventilator, then death by respiratory issues with complications of renal failure from the Remdesivir.
She now works in the ER and sees people who are so firghtened of covd that they come in with the common cold. So, yes the ER’s are crowded, but with whom? Sheeple, perhaps?

tom finley
tom finley
9 days ago

They are nothing more than paid assassins at this point including the AMA. They are no different than LEOS following the illegal orders and saying we are just doing our job. That BS will not fly today, your just as guilty as the government of mass genocide, period.

Arizona Sentinel
Arizona Sentinel
9 days ago

Here in Tucson,AZ, St. Joseph’s Hospital chief of staff has admitted that patients have died in the hallways and waiting rooms.

8 days ago

…and the globalists are continuing to smile.