My conscience is clear when the day comes…Biden gives $780 million to Afghanistan.

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Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
4 days ago

Corruption. $780 million probably isn’t going to anybody in Afghanistan. Except maybe a few corrupt government officials. Some time ago I mentioned that the US State Department claims that 90% of all foreign aid dollars are spent in the US. Corruption. The US Government will buy equipment from large US corporations and ship it to Afghanistan. Corruption. US and International “charities” will get lots of money to provide “social services” to Afghans and refugees. Corruption. Oh, by the way, leaving all that military equipment behind wasn’t a failure, it was a success. Corruption. Now the military has to replace that equipment. We’re being looted. By the professionals. It has nothing to do with winning or losing a war. The lobbyists and their clients win every war. The people always lose. Did I mention corruption?

enn ess
enn ess
4 days ago

You can bet your sweet arse it will end up in the coffers of the Taliban. Comrade slo jo’s secret go to woke antifa thugs for Western Asia. They need to funds to pay the Chinlandese to reverse engineer and maintain the 85 billion in military hardware he let em have.