Blast Alert against North Carolina H 233 (COS) – Probable Vote Wednesday!!

Convention of States, a Bad Idea

I urge you to ask yourself one question: If the Convention of States is a valid path forward, why are its supporters working to pass it in the middle of the night? Remember the Constitutional Convention was called to address issues in the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. The “Perpetual Union” was dissolved and a new government drawn up under our existing Constitution. I cannot imagine what will happen if a Convention of States was held under the current lawless state of our union. The Deep State does not even recognize the Constitution that they want to “fix”.

David DeGerolamo


From Publius Huldah:

The Convention of States Project’s (COS’s) application for an Article V convention passed a North Carolina committee on March 31 in a sneaky maneuver. The committee that was supposed to hear COS was switched, and the time moved forward at the last minute, making it difficult for anyone on our side to prepare.  Now Mark Meckler is headed back to North Carolina for a rally on Wed. April 21, and the COS application is pending in the Rules committee which sets the House agenda for debate and vote. It appears the rally is coordinated with a Rules committee vote which looks to be very close. If passed, the full House could vote in a heartbeat.   Here is the Article V convention application (A5C) in the North Carolina House:  

 H233 (COS): pending in the committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House since March 4; expected committee vote on April 21 at 10:00 am (Eastern).

The Phony Petitions & Polls” flyer describes the petitions & polls used by the convention lobby to sway legislators, rather than measure true voter opinion. COS continually showcases misleading statistics to convince legislators that their constituents are demanding a “convention of states.”

Meckler often testifies as to how many thousands of people in a state have signed a petition in support of COS. And he has trumpeted polls showing evidence of overwhelming support. But COS polls measure opinion about only the subject of the application. Neither the polls nor petitions touch on the the little-known dangers or true purpose of a convention. Legislators need to know that the demand for a convention is an illusion. 

COS Is Waging a War on Semantics

This ARTICLE explains how COS uses “Newspeak” to manipulate people into believing that the convention provided for by Article V is really just a “convention of states” that is controlled from start to finish by State Legislatures, and not a “constitutional convention.” In hearings and legislative chambers across the country, COS is waging a war on semantics, and some legislators buy into it.

Let North Carolina Representatives know, in your own words, that we’re likely to lose our Constitution should Congress call an Article V convention. If you’d like, choose an argument off one of these links (flyers attached also): 

The “Declaration of Independence” flyer shows why Delegates to a convention have the power to throw off the Constitution we have and set up a new one with a new and easier mode of ratification. 

The “False and Reckless Assurances” flyer shows that COS’s “false” and “reckless in the extreme” assurances are contradicted by the Constitution and the Report of the Congressional Research Service. This flyer is particularly relevant to Congress being in charge of the Call—not state legislatures.       

How to get a new Constitution under the pretext of proposing amendments” shows that the Framers understood that an A5C could be used to replace our Constitution–and that’s how it’s being used today!   

The “Brilliant Men” flyer shows that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, four US Supreme Court Justices, and other jurists and scholars warn that Delegates to an A5C can’t be controlled.  

Democrats might be interested in this series of articles from Common Cause showing the dangers of an Article V convention.     

Let’s go get ’em!     

Please write these 120 members of the North Carolina House, and ask them to VOTE “No” on H 233 and any other applications asking Congress to call an Article V convention: 

 Copy the addresses below as a block into “BCC,” & copy your own address into the “To” box; and place the bill # and description  (i.e. Art. V convention) on the subject line.

House Republicans (69) – Dear Representative: (If you’re a Republican or conservative, tell the Republicans so!)




House Democrats (51) – Dear Representative:



Thank you for defending our Constitution!

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6 months ago

I honestly didn’t know all of this when I was looking into COS. I thought it was a way for States to all separate, each state electing there own state reps. I thought it was kinda like splitting up the States and let each group move or live by”their type of people and policies” This article helped! Will read into it more.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
6 months ago

The communist / fascist, democrats are using the COS to completely destroy what remains of freedom in America. They are organized, well funded, and on the march. Most, so called conservative republicans are signing on to the COS as well; because, they say, they will add a section to balance the budget. Really. Keep in mind, the republicans did nothing to balance the budget when they had control of the congress.
The two parties are playing us for suckers.

John L Carter III
John L Carter III
6 months ago

The Republican party has nothing to do with COS, other than a lot of solid Tea Party conservatives are supportive of the effort. Think about it! What are the solutions the anti-Article 5ers are offering up? What pathway do we have to save this nation? If not Article 5? then what? Revolution? Succession? If your fear is losing your country, don’t you think those solutions will lead to exactly that result? Article 5 puts the clay in our hands to mould a solution that 38 states will ultimately have to agree to, that it is a good solution. Do you want to wait until Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam become states to resort to Article 5? Remember, if you read the Federalist papers, Article 5 was put into the Constitution to ensure that the citizenry had the ability to control their Federal Government if that Government became unbearable. Do you think it has become unbearable? Are you aware of any other power reserved to the citizens of this country that hasn’t been usurped by the Federal government other than Article 5? When the F*** are people going to wake up?

John L Carter III
John L Carter III
6 months ago

The anti A5C is total b.s. Do you think these anti-A5C have a solution to the run-away spending, out of control Federal Government, or career politicians? I haven’t heard much of anything other than wait for 2024, or revolution or wait for JFK Jr. to show up with the cavalry. I firmly believe along with a whole bunch of Constitutional scholars, that an A5C is the only way that We the people are going to be able to claw back power to the people and the states. It will take 34 states to pass resolutions to request a convention of states. Those states will attend a convention to work on the agreed upon issues stated in the resolution to formulate amendments, which will require 38 states to ratify. This is a high bar, but one we must cross over, if We the People are going to preserve this nation and our constitution. If you are going to criticize a proposed solution, then C’mon Man!, What is your answer to the problems that are ripping the foundation out from under this country? I think the author of this article is working against our Judeo Christian Western Heritage, and is working for the Dark Hats, that don’t support the status quo, but want to destroy this country. I am a resident of North Carolina and I firmly support an Article 5 Convention of States. It can’t come soon enough.
Read Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. Do you think Mark Levin is advocating for destroying this country. Yeah, if you want to see this country in the sewer, then go ahead and wait for Congress to fix itself. Doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican, both parties have spent us into a debt pit so deep, we will never be able to pay it back.