Operation Order

h/t WRSA

If you want a short written version, click here.

If you want the long version, click here.

If you are too tired to consider this information, here is an option:

In the absence of orders, go find a Communist and kill it.

Not a very Christian sentiment unless we are at war.

I believe we are in a religious war now that seeks to destroy our culture and our religion. Only you can account for your actions that you will take to save your children from evil.

David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

This war against the descendants of Adam,has been going on since the Civil war,it really took off when our Ancient enemy,took control over our MONEY in 1913. And slowly getting control of every department of our Government. And with the Ungodly passage of the Civil rights and the Equality laws We now find ourselves on the list for Extermination. Ask yourself why is everything now against the White people of America? Why do they seek to destroy our Race?As a good friend of mine from Topton North Carolina told me a long time ago,it’s a star wars battle that’s going on,the 5 pointed star of our Flag against the 6 pointed star of our Ancient enemy.And it is not the Star of David,it the Star of MOLOCH.


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3 years ago

Well killing communists would be one way to depopulate. LOLOLOL


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