Blood in the Streets


Blood in the streets in Turkey? How else do you start a Caliphate?

David D

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9 years ago

Erdogan left Turkey early this morning for Tunisia. He does NOT have the support of the General Staff of the Turkish Army as he has been waging war on them for some time. A large number of Retired Officers currently imprisoned in the Republic of Turkey; the ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY, and JANDARMA (National Guard -- under the ARMY). The problem here is there are at least 140 Terror groups operating in Turkey, the most dangerous being the PKK (the Kurdish Workers Party) … As here in the USA we have our share of radishes, tomatoes, and killer tomatoes (terms for various types of reds), and these folks could stir up trouble by setting off explosives, etc.. then the Army would become involved..

Tomorrow, 6/04/2013 I have been informed there will be a General Strike across the nation. Private sector and civil servants will strike in protest of the Erdogan Regime.. Since Erdogan does not have the backing of the Armed Forces, then his ability to hold onto power is very limited … unless…