Boeing Loses $4.5B Contract With Brazil, NSA Leaks Cited

Boeing F-18 Super Hornet jet fighter / AP

Boeing lost out on a $4.5 billion contract with the Brazilian Air Force in what industry insiders consider to be part of the ongoing fallout from revelations of NSA snooping on foreign governments revealed by the traitor Edward Snowden.

The heads of some of the largest tech firms in the world met in the White House with President Barack Obama late last month to warn him that the ongoing leaks were creating image problems for their companies in international markets and hurting their foreign sales campaigns.

Tech corporations poured some $7.8 million into Obama’s re-election campaign and are now urging rapid change or reform in the NSA’s rules of engagement. The president plans to lay out his agenda to reform the surveillance programs in a speech later this week.

U.S. aerospace company Boeing lost a $4.5 billion contract just one day after Obama’s meeting with tech firm heads.


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