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George Soros’ is organizing a national “Make Wall Street Pay” day. There are currently 298 meetings planned in an effort to energize the bottom up portion of their plan to collapse our dollar and our economy. As working Americans sit at home hoping that this movement will fade away with the cold weather, Mr. Soros and the labor unions have a different plan. If you want to understand where the United States is in a comparable historical period, look at Germany around 1933.

David DeGerolamo

Make Wall Street Pay Meeting

The Occupy Wall Street movement has put economic justice in the spotlight. More and more people are talking about how to hold Big Banks accountable—and how to rebuild the economy for everyone.

That’s why we’re getting together for “Make Wall Street Pay” meetings October 22-26 to discuss what we can do locally to fight back against Wall Street. From helping homeowners fight foreclosures to encouraging municipalities, schools, and organizations to move their money to local banks to protesting at Bank of America or Chase, we’ll come together and plan actions we can take during November.

How is this connected to Occupy Wall Street? Our goal is to launch targeted local campaigns to complement the amazing work being done by brave Occupy Wall Street protesters—something MoveOn members around the country have been asking for. And we’ll continue to do everything we can to support and stand in solidarity with #Occupy.

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