Chaos, riots, looting as police go on strike in Argentine city

Translate this video from Argentina into English and read the comments. Few people know that Argentina was the economic superpower in both North and South America in 1900. Corrupt politicians and greed have continually brought down this country.

Strange that a county sheriff told me yesterday that in the event of an economic collapse, he will go home and protect his family. This discussion was prompted by him based on comments that he heard by Rush Limbaugh as he drove here. I suspect that his attitude is prevalent across the country. Is he wrong? Is he selfish? Should anyone fight to protect a system that is doomed to fail? These are questions that everyone should be asking now for our future is the same as Argentina. The only difference is the time.

David DeGerolamo


h/t Tom R.

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7 years ago

I think the Sheriff’s view is common among all Americans. Nobody feels a connection, and certainly no allegiance, to our disassembled society and don’t feel any responsibility to try and preserve it. We are becoming mercenaries.

7 years ago

We are indeed all mercenaries at this point in history. The question, then, is what reward we will fight for, or whether there is *anything* left that will entice us off the couch, at all?
I know what reward I remain focused upon, and it is not a product or service offered by any government entity or corporation. And yes, I am willing to kill, and even to die for it.
Those who ‘trade down’ deserve what they get.