Chris Dorner Was Executed – Fire Set by Police

I subscribed to StormCloudsGathering based on some of their earlier work. At some point, we have to be able to discern facts from propaganda. Or even more to the point, facts from fear mongering. Distortions and speculation to incite fear and distrust will not serve any useful purpose in regaining our Liberty. If anyone continues to follow the Christopher Dorner story, get the facts and make your own conclusions. Then act accordingly if any actions are necessary.

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

This video is the epitome of distortion and fear mongering, plain and simple. I have unsubscribed from their YouTube feed. Tear gas was used on a confessed murderer holed up in a commandeered cabin. He had the option to surrender but instead he chose to commit suicide. It was not the LAPD that surrounded the cabin. What was the San Bernardino Sheriff supposed to do. Set up a siege, send in pizza and wait for Dorner to die of old age, while he took potshots at his deputies. He had no hostages which would require negotiations. We cannot glorify lawlessness such as Dorner’s lawlessness while arguing for the rule of law and the supreme law of the land, our Constitution. The founders were no mob in the street such as started the French Revolution. That was lawlessness that deteriorated into even more grotesque lawlessness. That is not the road we want to go down.