Corn is now trading at new forever-and-ever all-time highs. This is significant. There is a massive seasonal pressure in the corn market that exerts itself at the Fourth of July when the trade feels that any adverse weather is already priced in to the market. We’re almost a month past that psychological “seasonal top” and have just broken out to new all-time highs – surpassing 2008. That means that the crop is even worse than the gloomiest-and-doomiest estimates from the first week of July supposed, and that we’re not “priced in”.GULP.

Corn could go parabolic, much like the wheat market of 2008 (Minneapolis Wheat penetrated $20.00 per bushel), and if corn goes, beans will go ape.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why people like Corzine, Abelow, Duffy, Gensler, Wasendorf, Lauren Brinati, the entire staff of the NFA and so many more are TRAITORS to their nation, and should be tried and have justice done upon them as such. Farmers, grain elevators, ranchers and meat animal producers should be able to use Chicago right now to establish price floors and ceilings and manage their risk. But they can’t without entering into contracts and instruments that they know are rigged and that may well end up stealing all of their equity. It’s like being told that if you want to go to the emergency room to treat your injuries from a car wreck you certainly can, but your doctor will be Charles Manson and your nurse will be Jeffrey Dahmer.

So, it’s either go home and bleed to death or be raped and then eaten by psychopaths.

What a choice.

Welcome to Marxist hell.

Cattlemen: remember your marketing. Remember the cattle square. The market will adjust and the sell-buy spreads will adjust to the implied cost of gain, especially in the feeder cattle market. On the fat side, remember that the price of fats will gravitate toward the cost of gain, therefore high corn leads to high fats.

Grain farmers? ON FARM STORAGE. That’s all I can say.

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