Crimea a river

Since Mr. Putin set his sights on Crimea America has been: outsmarted, out maneuvered, out-hustled, out-thought, and outright embarrassed —or at least those few Washington politicians who even know the where and what of Crimea are mortified.

Every day January 2016 gets closer —the problem is it can’t get here fast enough to avoid all the embarrassments and stop the decline in America’s prestige in the world. Most of us learned as boys on the school ground that if you are going to threaten another kid, make sure you have the cojones to back it up. Time and time again, our current president has opened his mouth only to have his threat bite him in the buttocks.

American voters have managed to saddle the nation with a rookie who is completely out of his depth. To make matters worse, he has surrounded himself with equally inept and dysfunctional helpers.

Two cases in point —first he selected the First Housewife as Secretary of State, and she flew around the world for four years, accomplishing nothing of substance and was directly or indirectly responsible for probably the biggest fiascos of the 21st century. For this she received the 2013 Liberty Medal! In fairness, it was a lifetime achievement award, so her aid to her husband during his various dalliance problems factored into the selection.

Then he selected Ketchup Kerry to replace HRC. Kerry may not get a medal but he is in the running for the Tammy Faye Bakker Memorial Makeup Award for 2014. In response to Putin’s annexing Crimea into Russia, Kerry made the following brilliant statement. “You don’t just, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext.” Surely Kerry remembers Iraq —the invasion that he supported —before he was against it —or do I have it backwards? Kerry attempting to intimidate Putin is like Little Lord Fauntleroy threatening Ted Bundy —this Putin guy has more scalps on his belt than Kerry has Botox injections!

Our little emperor thinks his presence is relative on the world stage. His narcissistic personality simply will not allow him to remove his rose-colored glasses and see the world as it really is. Note to Mr. Obama: This ain’t Chicago, Toto. And when all you have to help you is the Tin Man and a bunch of Cowardly Lions, you are up the Chicago River without a paddle.

In defense of Mr. Obama, there is really nothing that he can do about Russia annexing Crimea. We are so deeply mired in red ink ourselves that we will never get out. In fact, we owe Russia $170 billion or 1.4 % of our national debt. And Russia is one the world’s largest oil producers. Since our oil production is almost entirely dependent on fracking on private land, we are dependent on foreign oil. Without an energy program that would allow us to be energy self-sufficient, we have to play nice.

There is a novel solution to all this whole mess —mind our own darn business. Wars start because do-gooders meddle in the affairs of foreign nations. A case in point is WWI which started for no other good reason other than the fact that neither Germany, England, France, nor Russia would back down and work out an intelligent solution. Instead about 16 million humans died and 21 million more were wounded and/or lost body parts. From a practical standpoint —everyone lost.

Seems to this dumb ole country boy that America has two options: (1) get into a shooting war with Russia of (2) back down and be the laughing stock of the world —once again. Ketchup boy and the community organizer are both used to ending up with the short end of the stick —let’s just hope that they don’t get us into a bigger mess.

The only chance that I see for America to regain a level playing field with Russia is to insist that Americans elect the next Russian leadership. If both countries are run by inept idiots, all will be right with the world again. We can but hope!

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.

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7 years ago

The problem is not Obama’s place on the world stage, nor Crimea, nor even the fate of Ukraine.
The US pushed for the admission of Estonia and Latvia to NATO despite many voices warning
against the risk/reward deficit of making the best part the West responsible for two indefensible

The Russians resented losing their “near abroad” and we will soon be choosing between WWIII,
or the dissolution of NATO (and then WWIII).

J Marshalek
J Marshalek
7 years ago

Pride goes before the stumble. Therefore pride is a stumbling block and never should be used to justify the threat of violence. We have long since passed the age where military intervention is the prime means of pillaging third world countries. Financial warfare is the prime means of choice for the elite. They do not want to risk destroying the natural resources that they covet. Leadership in the United States, both Republican and Democrat, have for some time worked to diminish national sovereign principles held by our people. The sovereign borders of the United States no longer matters to these people. The financial elites have succeeded in overthrowing our nation without us knowing it.

7 years ago
Reply to  J Marshalek

And yet the people still turn to the politicians to solve the problems that the politicians created instead of the Lord.