A Couple of Ominous Questions Remain. What Kind of Country are We Going to Leave to Our Children and Grandchildren? What Will You Say When They Ask What You Did to Stop the Tyranny and Destruction of Our Republic?

I spent the last week off the grid, no internet, and if I was lucky I could get a text out just to let my wife know I was alive. I had plenty of time to think about things while I was sitting in the woods alone. Reflecting on all that has gone on and what I fear may be coming, it wasn’t pleasant.

It is blatantly obvious, and should be to anyone with a pulse, that this election was stolen. From the mail-in balloting to the Dominion voting machine mess, things just don’t pass the smell test. If you check in on the Mainstream Enemy Media, which you should, this thing is over. They are laughing at Trump for his baseless claims with no evidence produced to back him up. It is really quite telling to see the level of disrespect that has been ramped up towards him since they anointed Biden the Presidency.

“But Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Rudy Giuliani assure us they have the goods and we need to keep the faith.” I’ve heard that kind of crap for four years now. Did Hillary get locked up? Did Trump drain the swamp? Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Holder, etc. Any of those communist been arrested for their crimes that we all know and have seen committed? I, like you, want to believe that there is some great war playing out in the shadows that is going to bring the Deep State to its knees and have them begging for mercy. I do, I REALLY DO! But the fact of the matter is, so far no evidence of this has been brought to light or discussed seriously in the MSM. Trumps attorneys have been losing court battle after court battle and not one case has made it to the Supreme Court. That being said I am still making a donation to the fight.

Here’s the thing, Trump is not going to save us, he never was. He was our last ditch effort at reminding our Government Representatives who they work for and who is actually in charge. We have been warning our Government for a long time now, however it seems those warnings have fallen on deaf ears. The Deep State is DEEP! Right down to the local level. There is only going to be one way to root out this evil.

Our Founders were willing to die for the rights espoused in the Declaration they crafted and signed at their own peril. Their document boldly proclaimed our right to live in freedom, a freedom to be protected, not threatened, by the rule of the government. The basic rights and freedoms enumerated in the Declaration of Independence included the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights were God-given and could not be eliminated even by a King or a Government. Now it’s our time. Our time to pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

It is startling that the injustices that led to the revolution pale in comparison to what we are witnessing today. It was heavy-handed authoritarian control and unfair laws our founders were against! There are many similarities between today’s issues and the issues the colonies experienced leading up to the declaration. You want to talk about taxation without representation, we’ve been past that point for some time now.

Most of the time a man will tell you his intentions, good or bad, if you’ll just listen hard enough. I think back to all the things I have said and written and others as well.

Election Theft = War

I will fight not because I desire it, but because I cannot justify any other course of action – when the enemy attacks, you must fight – you must kill or you will die.

This country is done! Pick your side. Choose wisely. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming. I don’t think anything stops it now. Hopefully we can set things right if we win, or at least die trying.

The fight is unavoidable at this time. Freedom is on the line. The whole world is on the line. This is it boys, if America falls to this coup, darkness will take over the world. We owe these traitors nothing: not respect, not decency, nor mercy. We Owe Them Nothing!!!

The time for talk is over. Sides have been chosen. Their side is openly at War. We just wanted to be left alone to raise our families in peace. Sadly they are not going to give us that option.

This is our time. It’s why we are here at this point in time in history. It’s what we were born for. It’s time to fight for freedom.

These are not idle threats. I believe myself and others who have voiced their opinions are ready to make their stand. We are at a moment in time where everything is on the line. For the whole world, not just us. They have used a virus with a 99.6% survival rate to terrify the nation and also used it to help steal an election. Two crucial dates are approaching. December 14th and January 20th. The communist are making their play for the country and it’s going to be up to us normal folks to do something about it.

People keep expecting a leader to come out and lead the whole nation in this fight. I got news for you, I don’t think that is going to happen. We are on our own. This is going to be a balkanization. You may get leaders in your individual counties, but that may be about as far as it goes at first. Our founders were called terrorists and radicals when they rebelled, but soon they gained momentum and the people joined them. This will be no different. I can’t imagine the things our media will say and do once this fight for Freedom begins. Remember the media is not your friend, ever. They deserve to die a traitor’s death along with the others.

This corruption throughout our country must be eliminated, right down to the very smallest of local levels. It’s not going to be pretty. Millions of gallons of blood must run the streets. Once this starts, it is going to be messy like nothing you’ve never seen. Best harden your hearts and get your mind wrapped around that. Do not even think of shedding a tear for them. They are enemies of our Republic and they hate everything that we cherish and stand for. We tried doing things the right way. We have exhausted all our options. The cartridge box is all that is left now.

When it comes down to it many Americans simply don’t have the spine or fortitude to stand up and fight, even with liberty on the line. There are those among us that say nothing will happen as long as the power stays on and people have food in their stomachs. I guess we are close to finding out who will be right on that point also. Each individual is about to have to make some hard choices. There will be no peaceful transition of power this time, although they never peacefully transferred when Trump won. For neither side is going to accept the outcome, no matter which way it falls.

A couple of ominous questions remain. What kind of country are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren? What will you say when they ask what you did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our Republic?


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62 Responses to A Couple of Ominous Questions Remain. What Kind of Country are We Going to Leave to Our Children and Grandchildren? What Will You Say When They Ask What You Did to Stop the Tyranny and Destruction of Our Republic?

  1. Derrick Flyr says:

    Its the ” DARK STATE” and not the deep state. They have even perverted the label deep state and give it positive attributes : to them it means those non political actors who just want the best for everyone. That is the exact opposite of its traditional meaning. Thats why I now prefer to say the DARK STATE.

    • Tim says:

      The American historian Stephen Ambrose near the end of his life was being interviewed by a young reporter for the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune about the after effects of the Civil War on the country. The reporter asked him if he thought the country could ever experience another Civil War. His answer was yes. Stephen said if this country ever elected a black man President his tenure would be so divisive that a civil war would be inevitable. Stephen Ambrose died in 2002.

      • GenEarly says:

        Ambrose was a perverter of history, imo.
        But the “Black” man as president is a LIE.
        Obama was a trained Communist and Islamist. (Both tyrannical political machines)
        I would vote today for Allen West for President or General as needed and follow him into the hell of war to rid this country of it’s traitorous democRats and rhinoes.

  2. Klc779 says:

    Ok, fine, been thinking the same for some time now. We at a minimum need small groups, not individuals. We need some basic planning to take the fight from defensive to offensive. Has to be timed so the small start is not overwhelmed quickly. So media reps and their dens first, then what?? We need some direction and coordination.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      If you don’t already have a small trusted group, you are way behind the curve.

      • Klc779 says:

        Thanks, that was helpful. Came from the country and was surrounded by like minded, reliable, people. In the burbs now and have not determined a reliable “friend or foe” identifier.

      • healthnut says:

        That’s not a helpful comment.

    • Emmel says:

      American Contingency is one possible answer, look them up on locals.com.
      The time for being the grey man is over, individual patriots are going to get steamrolled, you need to join a larger organization, there are many… research them and pick one that matches your philosophy and personal style,

    • lfox328 says:

      Literally start locally. You know some of the people in your near neighborhood. Start having conversations with them. Identify yourself as new to town, and ask some questions (where is the best place to get —--, what restaurants would you recommend, is there someone who might be a good person to do some small job you need done -- plumber, electrician, yard work, etc.
      Say ‘hi’ to those you see around. Make it a practice to be outside -- washing your car, neatening up your yard, taking a walk around the block. Get to where your face is known.
      Ask about stickers on their car. If you are religious, ask their input about local churches. Volunteer for local community/charity causes.
      Don’t get into the habit of going to work, coming home and hibernating. It takes some time and effort to make acquaintances.
      Once you start to know people, then let them talk -- DON’T lead with your opinions. Find out what THEIR interests/concerns are. If they talk about someone who is out of their ‘acceptable’ range of opinion, find out why (you may find that person to be not in sync with you, you may find them a soul mate -- or, likely, somewhere in between).
      With all of that information, you can start sorting people into categories:
      -- Tool of the Left
      -- Might have info or supplies -- but be cautious
      -- Middle of the Road, but not reliable for me to confide in
      -- Good to have next to me in a fight

      Most people will be hard to classify, until you’ve known them for a while. Some, you may misjudge -- that could be a costly mistake. Tread lightly.

    • CW Nelson says:

      RogueOpsNovels.com is the answer.

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  4. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    We live in a day and age where most people are spineless cowards, I’ve watched people move away from me when I raised my voice at meetings, they can’t deal with confrontation.
    You’re going to see even conservatives change sides when they see their liberal friends getting shot, for no apparent reason. People are too used to the easy way out, and won’t understand why the violence has escalated, they can’t fathom the idea their lives are at risk for choosing to enable more communist trickery and deceit. And above all, they will refuse to understand that this cancer has to be rubbed out permanently, they’d rather forgive and forget, not realizing the cancer will return the minute they turn their backs.
    We’re going to see way too many friends and family turn on us.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      Friends and Family are already turning on us.

      • Skipperdaddy says:

        Aint got alot of those anyway

      • X-Beast says:

        Sadly, this tale repeats itself over and over again within the patriot community. I also have some family members who are split over this to put it lightly. It happened in the war for independence and the civil war. It has happened again now with all the phony bullshit in the media, the indoctrination of our children in public schools (even private schools too). The attacks on our culture, family values and identity politics has made this a living hell for us. It is no accident this has happened to us. Keep the faith.

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  6. Gryphon says:

    I keep saying this on multiple Websites, and keep getting Dissed --

    It is the LOCAL po-Lice that MUST be ‘Taken Out’ before the government will “Change its Ways”.
    The bureaucracy and (s)elected ‘officials’ are Protected by their thugpigs, and until those Armed Gestapo minions are “Dealt With”, the ‘government’ WILL NOT STOP with its Edicts and Oppression.

    There is NO REASON for ‘police’. They are NOT there to Protect YOU, they are there to Serve and Protect the GOVERNMENT, which is an out-of control, Fascist bureaucracy.

    Don’t tell me “My Brother-in Law is a Cop and He’s a Good Guy”.

    He won’t (at first) Take your Guns.

    He WILL try to take Mine.

    He DOES need to be Eliminated.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      I have no argument with that. None at all.

    • Vermillion says:

      Gryphon, You are absolutely right. I get the same cold shoulder when I write about the police not being your friends as well. They never were and never will be. As I try to explain that every governor, mayor, small town politician who issues an mandate, decree edict or as in the case of Biden issuing a confiscation EO derives their power through the police. Therefore a politicians whim will be enforced with righteous force and effect. Always remember the police, city, state federal etc are the tip of the communist spear. All power of the state governments flow from the police. That’s not hard to see all one needs to do is look no further than 2020. Police enforcing masks mandates, social distancing, business shutdowns, kneeling before the bla/antifa, uniformed police men and women washing the feet of the negro. Lets not forget the summer time riots where the police stood idly by and allowed looters to ransack small and large business alike. Bust up store fronts, burn buildings and car lots and on and on. NO the police were never our friends. Period!

      • GenEarly says:

        Not all police are Polezi, We have Constitutional Sheriffs who will stand with the Patriot Citizens.
        Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
        CW’s are messy affairs as the social fabric shreds, then regroups, maybe in the redoubts initially.

    • Emmel says:

      If your going after the police you’ve gotta start at the top, beat cops/ patrolmen are easy to replace.

    • healthnut says:

      Police=another corporation

    • Bob Dobbs says:

      I can see why you get dissed. It doesn’t stay local long. The Feds come in, and eventually trained soldiers come in to take out wannabe revolutionaries. What’s so hard about following the law and obeying police orders? Nearly every police shooting is a failure to follow their instructions.

      • Gryphon says:

        “Hinein der Kastenwagen, judenschwien!”

        Said the Po-Lice.

        Get the Picture? The government thugpigs Exist Solely to “Protect and Serve” the ‘government’. So where We Are, with the ‘government’ issuing Edict after Order to Infringe on our Rights, WHO is going to be “Enforcing” them?

        That’s Right, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Governor of Michigan, the Fraud ‘doctor’ in the CDC are NOT coming to Your Home or place of Business to “Order” You to do Jack. It is the Dedicated, Jacbooted Thugs of the local ‘law enforcement’ who will “Just Follow Orders” and (try to) Force your Compliance.

        p.s. that may not be the correct spelling in Deutsche, but you get the idea.

    • X-Beast says:

      Will the cops turn in their badges or will they kick down doors to keep their paychecks coming? If Biden is inaugurated we will be going into some uncharted territory.


  7. Kaiserworks says:

    Semper Fi 0321,
    “We live in a day and age where most people are spineless cowards, I’ve watched people move away from me when I raised my voice at meetings, they can’t deal with confrontation.”

    If you are not involved in one already, for fitness and finding individuals that like to fight for fun, i suggest a local jiu jitsu school. Lots of vets, blue collar types and even some thugs. Youll find a fertile ground of like minds.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      You obviously have no idea where I live; out in the sticks of Wyoming. The ‘local’ big town Wallymart is 80 miles away, and all plains/desert in between. We’re only days/weeks away from a possible shooting war and you think I should go find a club to hang out with he-man fighter types? I just got done cutting, loading and stacking 10 cord of firewood over the last several weeks, I’m all exercised out, and done joining he-man clubs.
      You too live in a f’n dream world.

      • Greg says:

        I live in Cheyenne. We have FE Warren AFB…Malmstrom AFB in Montana…Minot AFB in North Dakota…Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota…Mountain Home AFB in Idaho…Hill AFB in Utah…all with SIGNIFICANT munitions ready to go at a moments notice…it is simply not possible for the alt right christian patriot movement to succeed. Its not possible for ANY patriot movement to succeed. Its ok if the alt right christian elements want to pursue a suicide strategy but condemning your family members to the blowback sure to follow is insane.

        • DWEEZIL THE WEASEL says:

          You may want to read about the FFI and other resistance movements during WWII. They valued their freedom and liberty enough to risk death by standing up to their conquerors. Read what Samuel Adams wrote: If ye love wealth…”

        • Emmel says:

          Read the book “unintended consequences”. By john Ross It could be a how to manual for the overthrow of a government. It’s long but an easy read. Best of all it’s free for downloading in PDF format.
          Who am I kidding, most reading this are blowhards who never ever intend on doing anything personally but if you want a direction READ THE BOOK.

          the message is simple.
          1. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk about your actions before, during or afterwards WITH ANYONE. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

          2. Do not cooperate with L.E on anything, your blind, deaf and dumb to any event you might have seen.

          3. Work in a small group of people you trust with your life, Your group is a self contained Wolfpack.

          4. Pick a target, study it , neutralist it. Maybe you hate journalists, local government, FBI , Big Tech… whatever your target, your not planning on fighting a pitched battle your fighting an insurgent war. Make the opponent afraid to go to work or leave their house never knowing whether or not it’s safe.

          5. No digital anything, no texts, phone calls, messages… park your phone in a drawer and leave it there. Things like smart watches, fitbits and gps enabled rifles scopes all leave a digital trail ditch them.

          Keep Your Mouth Shut.

          • SemperFi, 0321 says:

            How many people here have actually downloaded their important papers and survival manuals onto their smart phones?
            They really don’t get it; here today, gone tomorrow. The KISS concept totally evades them, as well as Murphy’s Law, and any semblance of common sense.
            And getting caught via electronics is also outside their realm of understanding.
            Remember the 3 S’s. Shoot, shovel, and shut up.
            P.S. don’t take pictures with your phone either.

  8. TSA says:

    I am still looking for the trigger on this thing. What starts the fight. I can’t see myself just blowing somebodies brains out because of they’re stupid choices in politics. Even though that choice multiplied adds up to slavery down the road. I am hoping for an EO for a gun grab or registration that refused leads to the same thing. Or maybe a San Fransisco/Seattle type Sodomite naked parade down my Main Street. Or one of my countrymen going off the deep end or not and getting himself cornered for refusing an unconstitutional or immoral order. That would do it for me. And probably other things not foreseen. But some such provocation has to come first if I’m going alone.

    But if there is a spontaneous uprising such as Lexington/Concord I’m in. And Waco, Ruby Ridge and road blocks would put me in the game shoulder to shoulder with men of a like mind.

    But I’m not a joiner and especially into groups that never vet their men (including the Grand Poo baa) in simple but effective ways that works like rat poison on the unfaithful.

  9. Greg says:


    I get it. We all want a clear enemy wearing an easily identifiable uniform. With what I think is coming that will not be the reality, far from it.

    I have been a cop for a little over a decade in a deep blue state. I’m a millennial and also a combat infantryman with three trips to the desert. So I’m always reading comments about how I suck in one way or another.

    Why am I telling you all this? I became a cop because I thought this country was in deep shit and I might be able to do some good in that role. It didn’t take long to realize Town and Department leadership would sacrifice me at the drop of a hat, the courts do not want take serious any charges I might file against the most vile and disgusting criminals living amongst us, and a portion of the populace will always assume they know everything about me based on my work clothes.

    I’m not trying to convince you that I am whatever your definition of a good guy is. What I am saying is some of us have gone in different directions to try to right the wrongs of this world. Sure, I was naive to think I could change the downward spiral our elected leaders have taken us. I can assure you I have shielded more good, hardworking people from our judicial system than criminals I brought before it. Not a day goes by that I don’t wanna turn in my gun and badge and leave this thankless pursuit.

    To suggest eliminating (I’m assuming you mean KILL) all local police is the first step that should be taken…yea I’m sure the Communists would agree with you on that one. Which side are you on?

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      Thank you for sharing that info. I’m hoping Gryphon will respond. I think that once the festivities start and people choose to remain cops/servants to the state, those will be the one’s that he is speaking of. Sides are being chosen. Cops will need to choose rather quickly.

      • Spartan6 says:

        That’s it…..right there. I have been advocating to never, ever, EVER trust any “rule enforcer” since I woke up around 2006/07 (thank you Ron Paul). ALL are the enemy, until they are confirmed to be white-hats. ALL OF THEM, including dispatchers, mechanics, janitors…….ANY enabler whatsoever. Families, neighbors, associates: ALL fair game. I understand the relatively few like the thug above -- however a THUG nonetheless, regardless of intentions. If he immediately loses the badge, keeps any and all kit/ammo/supply he can take, and puts down a remaining thug for all to see……I might actually believe his heart to be sincere. Until then…….no quarter. Choose wisely, decisively, and fairly quickly at this point.

    • Steve says:

      I’m much older than you. Never been a cop. Never been in the military. However known many that were and knew them before, during and after. Military has a ceiling unless you’re in the club. Cops? Well, at some point they realise that they’re not *really* the good guys. Just better than most of the grubs they deal with but lets face it. Sooner or later they have to do something that they know is outright wrong. Morally, ethically or legally. They’ll do it but most leave soon after. Hand back a child to pedophiles? “Just following orders”

    • Gryphon says:

      I’ve read plenty of Entreaties like yours before; “I’m a Good Cop, I joined the Department to Help My Community, Etc., etc. You might even be Sincere and Honest in saying that.
      The Problem is, YOU are a GANG MEMBER. You wear a Uniform (Colors) carry a Gun, and Work for and Defend other Criminals. It is Not Possible, or Practical, for myself or other Patriots to Differentiate ‘the good from the bad’ any more than You would do so when confronted with a bunch of MS-13 Punks.

      The sorry Fact is, YOU are the ‘thin blue line’ that is all that stands between Myself and Trash like MS-13 being ‘Taken Out’. Or the (((antifa))) faggots being Mag-Dumped in the Streets. It is All Too Clear that ‘law enforcement’ Exists and is Tasked with Suppressing the Normal, Honest People who Defend themselves. If you think I’m ‘siding with the (((communists)))’ for Advocating the elimination (not necessarily ‘killing’) of local police, that’ not the Case. If You and your fellow Gang Members were to ‘go away’ My Life would be far less Dangerous and Annoying, for the politicians making Fascist Edicts could be Ignored, or if they persisted, yes, >killed<.

      I don't believe in the whole "White Hats" Meme going around, that purports that there are "Honest Patriots" within the Military and "Law Enforcement". if you are honest with yourself, you should by Now have realized that being a Part of an Immoral, Corrupt, Criminal CORPORATION, is Not something a Moral and Intelligent Person does.

      Yes, I Offend many by saying "Kill 'em All and let God Sort 'em Out" in regards to the government scum that are Oppressing the People, well, Too Many folks Don't Understand the whole concept of (un)Civil War. It's not Armies against each other, (like in the Misnamed "civil war", the War between the States) real "Civil War" is a Brutal, No-Geneva-Rules Struggle for control of the 'government' (and what form it takes).

      And the illegitimate "Enforcers" of the government are the First Targets. And your Home, Wife, Children, "and your little Dog, too". Yes, that Sucks. And I don't want to do that, but F*k You, the 'government' won't Leave Me Alone.

      "Not a day goes by that I don’t wanna turn in my gun and badge and leave this thankless pursuit." Time's almost Up, copper….

      • Greg says:

        Thank you for making some of my points for me.

        The communists have infiltrated every part of government, academia, etc. while the patriot has sat back and disconnected from society, preaching to the choir, while masturbating to the latest Bracken novel.

        WE ARE LOSING! (I say WE despite knowing you don’t consider me on the team)

        Take it back. Run foroffice. Become a police officer, get promoted, make the change that you want to see. A difficult path I admit but at least you’re doing something.

        Or just wait to live out your wildest Red Dawn fantasy when the time comes. After all, you seem to be the authority on (un)Civil War so you know what I’m talking about more than this pig thug ever could.

        You can identify me and my family and make all the plans you want to kill me when you get the “GO.” Who’s gonna give you the “GO?” Who do you take orders from? What are you waiting for? The future of this great Republic is in your hands.

        Or, more likely, you’ll just wait and wait….type and type.

        I look forward to your response but will no longer respond back if all you have is name calling (not that I’m offended) and tales about what you will do to my little dog.

        • Gryphon says:

          “Take it back. Run for office. Become a police officer, get promoted, make the change that you want to see. A difficult path I admit but at least you’re doing something.”

          You Tried that. It Failed. I don’t have anything “Personal” against the Enforcers of the Corruption, it’s just that They are the “Tip of the Spear” for the communist oppression. You placed yourself out in front of the most Cloying, Vile, Evil ever seen on this Planet. Don’t wonder why you will be Targeted.

          In another Post on this Comment Thread, you said,

          “Its not possible for ANY patriot movement to succeed.”
          Stated in Context of “look how many Weapons the government has” is typical Fascist Thinking -- you more or less Outed yourself as an Enemy of the People right there, advocating that the Military should be used against the Citizens who oppose the Corruption that YOU are a Willing part of.

          Remember, all that Fighting you took part in over in Sandland was conducted with the application of Every Weapons System except Nukes; yet, it is still Impossible for You to walk Alone down Any Street in Any Town in Any Country that you Fought in. Because some Patriot would Blow your Brains out, or Cut your Head off. The ‘governments’ of Every Nation you Invaded are Puppets, appointed by the zionists who control the Actions of the United States and its Military. Were the U.S. Forces to actually Leave any of those Countries, within Weeks, if not Days, the People of those Nations would Overthrow and Replace those ‘governments’.

          The Same Thing is likely to happen Here, IMO, the feral government will use all means at its disposal to Fight the People, and the Same Result will Happen. Everything will get
          F-d Up, ‘government’ will be Hiding in their ‘Green Zones’, while sending out obedient Stormtroopers (like You) in their MRAPs to Terrorize the People. Millions will Die, for no good reason. All of this can ONLY happen if individuals like Yourself continue to be Mercenaries for an Evil, Illegitimate ‘government’.

          As for my Own (future) Participation in the “Troubles” it remains to be seen what would be Practical and Effective for a “Lone Wolf” to Do. Starting out with randomly kicking in the door of any random police officer’s house and killing everyone within isn’t a very good Plan, is it? Pointing out that That plan of Action, carried out by a small Group, may be something that “Needs to be Done” is different.

          Yes, Everyone’s a “Keyboard Commando” until the Two-Way Range is Open. No, I won’t talk about what I see as actual, valid Plans for Myself. This does Not have any effect on My Resolve Not to be a Slave to the (((Beast System))) that You are a part of.

          I do hope that You, and many others who have been Deluded into supporting the Corrupt, Evil, false-corporation calling itself “government” will Wake Up, and Leave it. The Hate that has built up towards almost Everything connected with ‘government’ is Exactly How the Nastiest Things Happen in ‘Civil War’. Pick your Side carefully.

  10. JESUS1 says:

    Christ said that our worst foes would be those of our own families.

  11. ApoloDoc says:

    These comments address the central issues for most of us: timing of events, and ‘choosing sides.’ By choosing sides I don’t mean commie vs Patriot, we are here because we have already made that choice. I do mean identifying teammates, neutral parties, and opposition. In a conservative southern state that hasn’t had the widespread corruption as Georgia & NC have shown, well, identifying the opposing team is a bit more tricky. As the young man above commented, we cannot say 100% of police are bad, as there ARE some Patriots out there. Actually, such men will be useful for providing intel to us!

    But I look at political machines, small scale stuff, and wonder how seriously some of their people are committed they are to the leftist -- big gov thing. In places like Portland, targets are plentiful. It’s just harder to clarify WHO are clearly enemies in some settings.

    The issue of teammates becomes very tough given the Fed predilection for entrapment. Not sure how to resolve these things.

    • Vermillion says:

      Be aware of the blue friends you choose to trust. The blue have many things going for them that WE do not. Like qualified immunity, large pensions, weapons at their disposal. Easy arguments regarding assaulting you or killing your dog like resisting arrest or the ever favorite ” I feared for my life”. That phrase works equally well with dogs as well as family members. Time is short now. Beware, be aware of the blue friend you trust when the shtf. The wrong choice could be costly for you.

  12. David says:

    The core of the local problem is the cops have become the agents of the courts,not the protect and serve the citizens force they once were.Everyday they are tasked with court ordered evictions and confiscations of folks private property ordered by a judge trying to follow corrupt edicts put in place by the banks and mortgage company’s.The system is broken.
    Tell me why the rich banks had to high jack all the county cops to take back property when they have the funds to hire collectors of their own.Ill tell you why.Because the way people are treated when you take their stuff would spawn millions of lawsuits and cost them money.It was much more profitable to go straight to the strong arm of the law and if John Q Public resisted,he went straight to jail and the threat of that keeps many a man from standing up to them.Or just plain kicking their asses.
    Many things need to change.
    I was a cop in the military and to disobey an order from a superior was the worse thing you could do.Thats the mindset that they have incorporated into our local law enforcement.
    Take away the banks powers to use cops as their personal collection force and you got a good start to changing this problem.

    • ApoloDoc says:

      Absolutely, but again we are in the arena of long range goals in your well written post. Translating into real world, actionable, probably successful steps is what makes this hard.

  13. Virgil Caine says:

    Know that you have to be a scalpel and not a sledgehammer. Never have such a large profile you have to tangle toe to toe against superior equipment. If there were 100 people publicly retired from their public service jobs, that will inspire more of the same. The idea in the beginning is to create spark that begins to spread. Quick large flairs receive the most water.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      The best surgeons operate in the dark, under heavy cloud cover.
      Or as the greenies like to say, leave no trace.

  14. Blather says:

    I’m not worried about what kind of world we will leave. Please stop this “children” guilt sh it. I’m worried nobody wants to hang the uckfers -- NOW!

    • a follower says:

      “What about the children” (Hurts my ears also)
      If your worried about Legacy etc. You may be missing something.
      What about tomorrow, what about tomorrow?
      Do Not Worry
      …33But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.
      Do Not Boast of Tomorrow
      12There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? 13Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business, and make a profit. 14You do not even know what will happen tomorrow! What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.…
      15Instead, you ought to say, “If the Lord is willing, we will live and do this or that. 16As it is, you boast in your proud intentions. All such boasting is evil.…
      There is a reason we are to live one day at a time and make the most of each and every day. Merging our daily concerns and fears with His word can bring peace.

  15. a follower says:

    If you want to move forward consider your past:

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  17. LT says:

    liberté, égalité, fraternité. That’s what the boomers and millennials believe they are signed up for. Gonna be a beast for them when they learn about the last part -- “ou la mort!”

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  19. healthnut says:

    I think we should consider starting our own Republic, similar to how this one was started in Canada:

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  23. Mr Reynard says:

    Quote:Ominous Questions Remain. What Kind of Country are We Going to Leave to Our Children and Grandchildren?
    I would actually ask ? What kind on Children & Grandchildren are we leaving to this country ?

    • a follower says:

      Exactly, Not all the children and grandchildren are lost. Many are on a good tract.
      We can not live nor fight their battles for them less they too become weak.

  24. a follower says:

    How much pain and suffering will it take to get us back on our knees.
    How much pain and suffering will it take to realize as loners or as groups we can not win by simply paying lip service to our Creator, The One We (Should) Have a Covenant with. We have failed Him, not visa versa. The enemy is not invisible when you have eyes to see and ears to hear.
    True Repentance is not Lip service only.
    “Winning” is not the same for everyone.
    Local is Family, those you talk too, those within your reach.
    ‘Self’ correct as you work ,correct and bond together. You, we, need to be agreeable in these things to gain any traction.

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