Communism Is A Cancer That Needs To Be Removed

I keep hearing that we need to just wait and see how the election goes.

Let me ask you a question. Those of you who are regular readers here, are you going to accept a Joe Biden Victory in the election? With all the cheating that is already being exposed and all that we know will go on with all the mail-in balloting, I somehow doubt those on our side will just accept a Biden win. We already know that those on the left will not accept a Trump win. So basically we have 97 days until the election of which no one will accept the results of. Are you just going to say “ahh we’ll vote harder in the mid-terms.” Do you think those on the other side are going say that?

Then there are those that still believe President Trump is going to save this nation. Tell me, did Trump drain the swamp? No he actually surrounded himself with even more swamp creatures. If he truly wanted to drain the swamp and return our government back to us, he would’ve cleaned house on day one after being sworn in. Name one traitor that has been arrested for their crimes that we all have seen? Not one. All Trump did was buy us four years to further prepare for the turmoil getting ready to be unleashed. The party is over folks. I hope you used your time wisely.

The communist have decided to make their play. It’s game on for them. Chaos is taking place is several major cities. What we are now experiencing is a Communist insurgency in our own country being waged by multiple entities. We’ve seen this before, it’s happened a few times throughout history. I understand you don’t want to believe it, that it just can’t happen here in America. Newsflash, it’s happening. War is being waged. The shooting just hasn’t really started yet. But come election night the shooting will go full force.

Understand, These United States of America will never be the same again. The country that we had at the beginning of 2020 is long dead and gone. It’s now up to us to determine the country of our children’s future.

I have been asked what I want. I want to restore the country, not of my youth, but the country of my Grandfather’s youth. I want to have the Constitution to actually be followed as intended by our founding fathers. Sadly none of this can happen without much loss of life.

These communist are a cancer to our society. Every bit of it needs to be removed from this Earth or it will just return. This is going to be an elimination event. We should not stop until every last communist is dead and gone.

We just wanted to be left alone to raise our families in peace. Sadly they are not going to give us that option.

We all know what is coming. What do we gain by waiting another 97 days, while the other side is actively at war?

The most difficult thing is the decision to Act, the rest is merely tenacity.


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34 Responses to Communism Is A Cancer That Needs To Be Removed

  1. citizen says:

    You are 100% correct.

  2. charlesinva says:

    I’ve been saying it for twenty five years or more…

    “This only ends ONE WAY”

    Glad to see others finally getting on the same page.

  3. Magdiel says:

    Yes we have to ACT NOW!! But we need a leader to unite us and lead us, and Trump is evidently not such leader!!

    • Whitewolf says:

      Correct, but where will such a leader come from? We are all so damn independent that we will kill ourselves before we unite. I hold no hope or faith that we will unite. Rather we will wind up in small separate fights with no way forward and the predictions of those yelling Balkanization will come to pass. If one or a few go into a city on fire and start to kill the commies, the brutal lash back from the feds will discourage any from acting like that again. So here we sit stewing in our own juices while they are out there taking action with no action being taken against them. We have painted ourselves into a corner and are too damn weak to do anything, just as they planned all along. As I see it many patriots are going to need to sacrifice themselves to start the events going forward. Their actions will if bloody and serious enough turn others into supporting the elimination of the commies. Other wise we just sit here and stew and eat shit sandwiches they wind up feeding us. Make up your mind now not on 5 Nov. Just keep asking yourself do you want to live in the country these commies want to bring about.

  4. Timetraveler says:

    I’m not a violent human being, but there comes a time to draw the line in the sand. Mandatory vaccinations are on the way! Not in my arm!!!!! it is time to take back this country and get on with living a normal life.

    Many lives will be lost, and I don’t know if this country will be able to put itself back together again. With the economic implosion right around the corner, there won’t be much left of this nation!

    So, smaller communities will have to start the process all over again with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as a starting point as our fore fathers did in 1776.

    God bless all of us who stand up against tyranny, greed, and corruption, and for our Creator!

  5. Forearmed says:

    To win a war humans must die, but if everyone on the “Right” can’t bring themselves to kill anarchist then they will be ruled by their new forming socialist, (Communist) regime. Sorry folks, but I love our Democracy and will fight to the death to preserve it.
    If you are an American patriot make the choice as to what side of the line you want to stand on, because when the shooting starts it will be too late !

  6. This is not going to be an election like we have ever had before, it is merely a catalyst for what will follow.

  7. Truth-in-Tension says:

    Wes, thank you for your insight. You are right on point. It is very difficult for many patriots to come to grips with the fact that no one is coming to save them. Patriots placed significant trust in President Trump and the Republicans, but that trust has been for the most part destroyed.

    It is almost unbearable to see that the Republican Party has become the party of cowards, spendthrifts, global corporations, and international socialists / communist. I fear that what happened to South Africa and Yugoslavia is now happening to America. I am not really sure whether there will be an actual catalyst, that will cause the patriots to act, or whether there will be a point reached, that the patriots will say enough is enough and then act, but either way, the resulting friction will be significant and extended.

    Continue to prepare and to get your mind and body in shape. This is a spiritual, cultural and political conflict. Remember preperation, tactical, communication methods and intelligence are key success factors.

  8. Michael says:

    Where do we start on this conflict? if the communists have started the war, how do we as their enemy get involved in the battle? i keep reading that we are in a war for our freedoms and our nation. I could not agree more, but what do we do. I will do what I must to protect my family, but how do we now fight for what is left of our country?

    • Rose Burkhalter says:

      My best advice to you is to join a militia really the militia is not a bunch of crazy country people. I promise you I have known many many I met my husband in a militia they are patriots just like you and I believe in God and country and will train those that are not trained and fight and die for their country as we all are going to be forced to do sooner rather than later. I think the older generation like myself I’m 61 many of us are going to have to Die saving our country because we have a patriotic heart that the last few generations were just not raised with unfortunately. Go to Facebook find a 3% group or a militia I can’t comment on the 3% group because I don’t personally know any of them but I can tell you Militias are nothing but true Americans that have a good heart love God and their country. Know if you contact a group and they appear to be wackos you’ll know right off the bat. We would have some of those want to join us and we did them out pretty quickly!!!Doorstep mentality it’s not going to win meaning if you’re waiting for them to show up on your doorstep you will engage and protect your family by then it will be too late.

  9. Ichabod says:

    I find it interesting that Dems have been sowing the seeds of “if we win Trump won’t leave peacefully” for a while now. They also have the UN now wagging their finger at Trump for taking a stand against the rioters. All of this pre-election positioning seems to be to ensure that things go sideways regardless of whether or not they win or lose. Its an interesting psyop at a minimum.

    The clock is ticking for sure. Still working on the community aspect, but hopefully everyone already has their currently-hard-to-find items stocked up. There’s a lot of stars aligning, and none of them are for people who value liberty and individuality.

  10. Buckaroo Banzai says:

    There can be only ONE. FREEDOM!!!

  11. Pessimistic Optimist says:

    Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.

  12. 2wit4u says:

    The US government has always been allied with communist nations so it was only a matter of time before the US became a communist nation too.

  13. Claude Ramains says:

    It’s not just a communist take over you’re experiencing it’s an anti-Christ take over. Every ant-Christ force from Hell has been launched on the US. If the US still followed Christ you would be protected. But alas this coup has long been going on in human hearts well before the events you see before your eyes. As people’s heart departed from the God that founded America so God departed from you. The foundations eroded & now it’s ready to collapse.
    That’s the only reason that Communism & other Ant-Christ forces have a change.
    Repentance from the heart & a return to JesusChrist -- the God of your nation is your only hope.
    Do that & there may be no need to fight.

    • Don Shilling says:

      So very true?

    • Rose Burkhalter says:

      You are right people must believe in God and repent absolutely because I believe tribulations is going to be ushered in any day now or on the day of elections. But I also believe many people will still suffer I believe in God 100% but as far as the rapture I’ve always flip-flop back-and-forth. But I am 61 years old I have a bad back and I don’t know how much good I’m going to doBut I will die for my country. And I know a lot of people my age that will also die for their country and we all do it because we’re grandparents I will do everything in my God-given body to try to keep this country free for my four grandkids and my two kids

  14. Sifunelson says:

    James Stockdale, a Vietnam veteran, talked about how he cultivated the mental strength to survive seven torturous years as a POW in North Vietnam.
    When asked, “Who didn’t make it (out of the POW camp),” Stockdale replied,
    “Oh that’s easy. The optimists. They were the ones who said, ‘we’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And then Christmas would come, and Christmas would go.

    “And then they’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And then Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving. And then it would be Christmas again.
    “And they died of a broken heart”

    “This is a very important lesson,” Stockdale continued. “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose– with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be”…

    The brutal facts of our current reality are this-

    Without going into all the US gubmint’s massive failures, let’s just cover what we all know and are intimately familiar with…
    The 2000s…. 
    Did the govt prevent 9/11? Nope. We could argue further about govt complicity in the attack, but let’s just note the failure to even prevent the attack. How about the clean-up of the WTC-site in the wake of the attack? It is estimated that up to 10,000 plus first-responders have died as a result of the govt’s refusal to declare the site a toxic hazard and proceed to insist on proper protective gear. The death toll from the clean-up effort exceeds the death toll from September 11th itself by a factor of three times…
    Hurricane Katrina?
    Anyone impressed?
    The 2008 financial crisis?
    Big round of applause from the public on that?
    Everyone happy with the US military handily not winning either the wars it instigated in Iraq, or Afghanistan; far from it…… dragging on both, destroying both countries completely and in the process exploding terrorism and narco-trafficking…. any cheerleaders for those?

    Police substations in schools, a million illegals a year, 50% divorce rate, woke fascism, mass censorship of the public square, worlds highest incarceration rate, gay marriage, declining standard of living, $20 trillion deficit, spiraling rates of suicide, opioid abuse, and homelessness, diversity mandates, jobs and production sent overseas for decades, huge trade deficits for decades, plunging educational standards, exploding social pathologies…

    And now after a decades long govt sponsored campaign to demolish American culture, erode nationalism, and rewrite the terms of American sovereignty and our civil liberties, we are blindsided with a govt imposed long term tyrannical lockdown and the biggest govt incompetence fueled societal and economic collapse in modern history ….
    What should be any sane person’s conclusion on this limited track-record of absolute and complete mishandling of all these catastrophes? Let’s have more? Let’s do this again? Let’s give the people who screwed this up more money, let’s promote them, entrust them with more power? Let’s do more of this?
    Why is it that the proverbial lightbulb just never goes on over the head of Joe Public and the realization that maybe, just maybe, govt isn’t the solution… maybe it was the cause…

    Right now we are being left to fend for ourselves in the midst of a patently Bolshevik style Marxist revolution hell bent on destroying this country, the constitution and overthrowing the US government. THIS is the brutal truth that few are willing to accept. THIS is why we are headed inexorably toward the Balkanization of the country and all out civil war. AND it is EXACTLY what the Chi-coms, the globalists, the international banking cartel and their politician-puppets are gunning for…

    • crawfisher says:

      Remember these Socialist politicians are voted in by US citizens. We have to confront the brutal fact that our own citizens are one of the root causes of the problems you lay out. I worked near Chicago for two years, it really opened my eyes to how bad our cities have become. While there, the state of IL and Chicago both voted in a super majority of Democrats / Socialists. There is nothing stopping the destruction brought by these politicians. The voters are the problem. Look at Portland and Seattle.

      I’m convinced we are in a current and active civil war, occurring on multiple fronts. The vast majority of people either don’t realize it or can’t do anything about it.

  15. Blather says:

    Communism is the bane of mankind and infects 90% of the world even though the non-communist 10% of it (think America and most of the West) has to feed and take care of it or it dies.

    Yet they want to kill us off.

  16. Brad Long says:

    We are going to go the way of the former Soviet Union c. 1990. They
    broke up into pieces. Some areas had bloodshed but most did not. There
    is not going to be a hero ride in to your rescue on a white horse. Forget about
    the colorful uniforms with flags a flying. No formal battle lines. That was 1861.
    There is too much debt. Too many entitled lay abouts. Many persons do not want
    to obey a common law…just there own desires. Time to go our own ways. I predict
    about 300 counties will be the BLUE and the remaining nearly 3,000 counties
    will be the RED. Ask yourself if you might be in enemy territory.

  17. TPB says:

    Its just time to embrace chaos. Think of the paratroopers jumping into Normandy. AA fire had caused the groups to scatter in the wind and the effect was very little organization above the NCO and PL levels. So little groups of paratroopers (LGOPs) formed and gave the Germans hell all night/week. The 504th of the 82nd still embraces this with the name, Devils in Baggy Pants. Similarly, in Iraq and Afghan, SKTs, or small kill teams, of Scouts/Snipers were the most effective against an insurgency. Also, who has heard of a Shiite Death Squad? It is not time for a leader to emerge yet. In fact, it might be better to have the AQ model of a thousand number twos. Warfare has changed. Operate out of the shadows.

  18. Paraclete says:

    Five man squads…ten man fire teams.
    Our leader is the founding documents.
    We all know what should be, and what
    needs to be done. We all know who the
    traitors are in our respective AO.
    Soon, it will be apparent the yellow light
    of “standby” has changed to GO green.
    When this happens, you’ll know it…
    It will be hard to avoid.

  19. healthnut says:

    I’m going to try to do my part and create a website to try to unite as many of us as possible with open dialogue.. I’m going to create a forum where people can communicate. If anyone has any ideas that I can incorporate into the design, I’m open for suggestions.

    Why aren’t we showing up at these politicians homes and especially the judges homes, demanding they follow the law? The problem is, the democrat socialists don’t follow the rules, and we do.

    • Rose Burkhalter says:

      Please notify all of us here what the website is we would appreciate it I know I would

    • Rose Burkhalter says:

      I was thinking about a sore. The Qanon has a direct link that’s not on a social media at all. It’s just a direct link that drops info. I’ll find and show you perhaps we can do that?

    • Rose Burkhalter says:

      Not sore I meant site. it’s a link we all have in case social kicks us off. Perhaps someone can make that and all states and patriots use it? Would have to start getting it around to get the people’s attention. Of course once we have people then switch it up so nobody but verified people can see the new site for more planning and communications purposes. That’s why I like Militia because not are ex- vets and you have short wave radio ops and organizers and trainers.

  20. Gryphon says:

    It’s judeo-bolshevism, correctly. ‘zionism’ is its bastard child. Most people are not only Unaware of this Fact, they will actively Argue against someone like myself who points this out.
    “antifa” is Kosher.
    Same Flag, same “money’ behind it.

  21. Odysseus Ithaca says:


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