From Sam Culper


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  1. Norseman says:

    Nuff said . Don’t worry about the fallout, you’re not that important in the grand scheme of things

  2. Jesus is Lord says:

    The geriatric Boomers, Fudds, Cucks and LARPers (mostly one in the same) ain’t gomna like that comment much.

    • antediluvian65 says:

      Eat me Jesus. Paint with a big, easy brush much? I’m 73 and can outshoot, outfight and obviously out think you. When it gets interesting, who wants you on their side.

      • Exring says:

        antediluvian65, I am 76 and intend on doing the same. I just need to utilize my assets wisely. I have had more time to ‘practice’!

        • oughtsix says:

          Doubleplusgood onya both… I’m 77, so there! and I can’t run a lick, so I have no intention to do so.

          I can still see, OODA, shoot and scoot, and I can damned sure out think and operate from a higher moral plane than any of the usual limp jackasses of the lost generations braying impotently at their seniors and betters.

          You young folks have a legitimate gripe, But it’s yours to resolve
          and laying blame on those gone before does nothing to help you… unless you’re merely interested in avoiding personal responsibility for your present predicament,

          How many of your various generational cohorts were (hopefully) berniebros? or other forms of doper layabout vermin? From which “gen(der)” does Antifuck come?

          Thing about us old guys is this: we have had long, productive and eventful lives, and we would rather die than to see what the junior cucked up, soybois would render unto their feminazi controllers.

          Get back to us when you find your sack and spine.


  3. PrepperDaddy says:

    As a boomer, I am not offended by Norsman -- he is right -- I am not that important. 64 and have had a great life -- what IS important is that my grandchildren live free and not subject to degradation because they are White.

  4. Marco says:

    Follow the example of the Mexican cartels. Over-the-top violence gets things done.

  5. Birdman says:

    The heritage of this country and almost all of the civilized world was created and built by the peoples of northern Europe and these United States. That is fact. What we are allowing is the destruction and possible takeover of the United States by a very small minority of determined and dedicated actors that are being used by globalist collectivists forces.
    We the people have no choice but to stand up and violently resist this attempted takeover.
    The leadership and members of two branches of our government are facilitating this takeover.

  6. Joe blow says:


  7. Luke Hamm says:

    I read somewhere the the true cost of freedom is the ability and will to do whatever violence necessary at any moment to defend that freedom.

  8. Gary W says:

    Absolutely agree 100%

  9. Norseman says:

    This country was founded on extreme acts of violence …. Our founders thought we would have a revolution every 20 years or so in order to keep things from becoming so burdensome

    • DRenegade says:

      The British and Hessian troops did commit acts of atrocities in the Revolutionary War. However, George Washington was very fair with his prisoners. Morality and virtue can not be sacrificed for men who have courage and the help of Divine Providence. While our domestic enemies will give us no quarter, we must understand what is at stake if we lose. I know we can win back our Liberty but it will be a dear price.

      • Matt says:

        Humane treatment of prisoners is both one of the keys to the moral victory, but it’s also a solid tactic in winning the conflict. People who believe that surrender will only get them raped and pillaged will fight the the very end. While it had its issues, humane treatment of prisoners in our own war of the mid 1800s is part of what made reconstruction possible.

        • Wes Rhinier says:

          But will they give up their idea of a Communist Utopia? If not….

        • DRenegade says:

          The victors write the history. Reconstruction was a punishment against the southern states for not adopting the 14th Amendment (Tennessee voted for it and was not impacted). Under reconstruction, the federal government declared that the South was classified as a conquered nation with no individual rights. Read ex parte McCardle as an example. It was so egregious, that Congress passed a law that the Supreme Court could not even make a ruling in the case.
          As for the North, the soldiers under Sherman were some of the worst offenders in history. Wedding ring were stolen and sent North in bulk. Here is a good example:

          If you do research, the civil war was not civil at all and the Radical Republicans punished Southern Americans by decreeing Reconstruction for their support of the Constitution. Read the 14th amendment and see what happened to the founding fathers’ idea of states’ rights.

  10. sawman says:

    There is only the uni-party. It is a big club and you ain’t in it. Prepare to defend yourself and what is yours. Did you plant anything lately?

  11. Exring says:

    And the “TRIGGER IS”? No one wishes they were at “Ruby Ridge”, “Waco”, “Oklahoma City” relative to the outcome. I am ‘old’ as well and intend on doing my level best but see me only taking care of what is at the end of my ‘Driveway’ until that “TRIGGER” is ‘squeezed’.

  12. SOURDOUGH says:

    Old-Old Sourdough saying, “If a man doth not stand for something, surely he shall fall for anything”. Loose translation: “Dig’in Bitches”, Bad shit doth approach”.

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