T.L. Davis: Dangerous Distinction

Allowing ourselves to be shut away in our homes, our businesses closed, our lives regulated by the state is a mistake. It is something we might have done on our own, without state orders and that fine line is the crux of the issue and the dangerous distinction between right and wrong.

Had things not been state ordered, what I think would have happened is those who could remain at home and still do their jobs remotely, would have. Schools could have gone online and actually should have long ago, with parent-approved curriculum, rather than the state-ordered curriculum that makes our children accept liberal and communist principles in order to pass their classes and graduate. Online higher education has been effective for nearly a generation.

Church, on the other hand, is not the same. It is a Christian expectation that those of the flock will gather together. Matthew 18:20 says: “Where two or three gather in my name, I am with them.” Common sense can dictate the distance one keeps from others or the judicious use of self-mitigating practices. But, common sense is the one thing the liberal and communist education curriculums try desperately to eradicate. Communism doesn’t work logically, to common sense it is irrational so common sense is the one thing that must be done away with.

There are two ways of thinking of things. One is that the distribution and proliferation of good information allows a free people to make good decisions concerning their individual lives and circumstances. The other is to believe that the government must dictate that which it deems is best for the people and enforce it with law and the use of force. In this crisis, we have gone completely to the second method of governance. That method ignores individual circumstance and treats all citizens the same. America was built on the concept that we are individuals, each capable of making individual choices that serve their circumstances best.

The first method assumes logical and intelligent thought. The second method assumes an inability to think at all.

In the interest of public safety, many have tolerated the lockdown, but that limited leash is reaching its end. Michigan has found a way to resist the communist nature of its governor and that method of resistance should continue and grow across the nation, putting more and more pressure on the oppressive governments to rescind their communist orders.

It does not undo the damage already done. By once forfeiting the right to make such decisions on our own, we cannot reclaim them without force. That is the ultimate question to be answered by patriots. We have now seen communism demonstrated on these shores, the black hand of Marx spread throughout the states. We have enough evidence of their intent and their methods to determine what they have in mind. It is ours to start dismantling these forces peacefully, or not.

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15 Responses to T.L. Davis: Dangerous Distinction

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  2. Red says:

    I think the author is right on many points but i do draw contention on the notion that anyone would have had the good sense or decency to initiate work from home or school from home without .gov leading the way. My own employer was at first saying we were free to use paid time off however we chose if we were concerned about coming to work. It wasn’t until the governors in the many states we occupy decided to implement the social distancing that the company made the decision to allow the entire 500 user workforce to WFH.

    All companies are looking at their market competition, their take of the pie. Nothing can interfere with profit. So until the governor said you should, we didn’t. Nor would have cuz old school butts in seats was preferred by the owners. Now a month in of WFH and not only have we done it but have thrived, showing greater year to date revenue and production.

    As for schools, they need the money from Uncle Sugar for kids being in class. Without a formal ruling from .gov no school system would have risked losing money and or having a way to feed kids that sadly don’t eat much beyond their school meals. All that aside from irritated parents who aren’t WFH and have to find a way to care for children in a closed school system scenario.

    So yeah, not so optimistic that in a world of greed and self interest that any corporation would have risked the notion of caring for their employees over profit. Despite all the stupid ads afloat right now about how all these companies care about you and will help you out, its all about profit.

    I am still of the mindset that for this period of pause and social distancing the right call has been made. I have no disagreement that tyrants are going to tyrant and that freedoms lost remain so. However without fully understanding the nature of this virus, the best call so far has been made. Yes it is about time to get on with business in a limited fashion with good sense and protocol in place. This however could not happen without all of the public education on simple things such as washing your hands. So putting the breaks on long enough to get the attention of people was necessary from both the virus limiting purpose as well as the education on hygiene many missed as children.

    Lastly, the author mentions common sense in his section on church attendance. Something i remember from my youth in the army is that everything for the most part at the rudimentary level is designed for the dumbest soldier that could interact with whatever. The generous assumption that people have common sense is just that, generous. Does Uncle Sugar know best? No, but he has force of law and precedence to dictate that morons must cease and desist with their moronic behavior for the best interests of the community. The solution has to be implemented at the level of the dumbest citizen.

    Someone somewhere else said that putting up a sign on the road blocking a washed out bridge stating, “Bridge out, no passage” is not government over reach. Its good sense for the moment and the state entity charged with putting that sign there in all its official capacity is needed as well.

    Because common sense isn’t very common.

    • mickey d says:

      You will sing a different tune when you are out of work.

    • Grey Wulf says:

      Red you are obviously a TOLL, the Constitution dose not give the authority to anyone to suspend any of our rights for any reason, educate yourself!!! We are a free and responsible people and don’t anyone watching over us like a big brother. If for some reason you need to be watched over and micro governed I’m sure you can find a nice communist country that will welcome you with open arms.

    • GenEarly says:

      Working from Home may work for you in an office, but it doesn’t prepare and package food for you to eat or keep your lights on.
      You live in a Bubble.

    • An emergency does not translate to permission to take away the citizens’ rights. It can empower the state to maintain order in specific areas but that was never in question here. If anything, the government is out of control. The people were not acting in ways that required a literal curfew on all.

      Martial Law would provide the means for the government to do many things but there has to be an identifiable and palpable threat. Coronavirus is not a threat to society. It is a threat to a small percentage of our society who are threatened every year with the seasonal flu which has killed far more this season than Coronavirus.

      The reality is that the epidemic is not national or even state wide. It is urban based and should have been approached on that basis and not any other way. They should have shut NYC down. Period. Schools, subways, buses and all public areas where people gather are the hot spots that needed to be dealt with. Same goes for Washington State where initially the outbreak was very isolated. Had they quarantined these areas absolutely they could have contained the virus. Travel to and from areas of outbreaks only served to spread the virus. That does not mean shut the nation down. It means isolate the virus epicenter and eliminate any transmission of the virus by traveling between an infected area and areas where the virus was not active.

      As far as the danger of this virus, this is the worst travesty of all. The actual rates of fatalities is largely dependent on age, and any conditions that make an individual susceptible to the worst effects of the virus. This is a tiny subset of our society (Less than one percent) and a subset already known. Isolate and quarantine this group from the rest and allow the herd to suffer the virus and then develop antibodies to it thereby becoming Coronavirus killing machines. The longer it takes for society to develop this herd immunity the longer the outbreak will last and the longer our loved ones who are in danger will be in danger.

      Shutting down was the wrong thing to do. It will prolong the outbreak by months if not years. At no other time in our history have we taken such actions and this was with far more deadly contagions at work.

  3. Nonevermind says:

    The best place to learn common sense is at church and at home. Public schools have dumbed down three generations, time to take our children’s education back.

    • rivercity says:

      Right. By the way -- seems everybody is missing the point -- and just blanketly accepting the establishment medical/pharma explanations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bov8gA09bVo / https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/

    • Rich in Colorado says:

      Schools are essential, not to educate children, but to keep them off the streets and out of trouble, so Mom and Dad (if present) can both work. Also, sadly, to feed children whose parents decline to do so.

      If we had traditional families -- Dad goes to work, Mom the nurtures the children and runs the household, school would not be needed for child care, only to educate. Schools would have to respond to parental input if parents were paying attention to what is being taught.

      Most of what kids learn in 12 years of school attendance can be leaned in six. Then off to trade school, apprenticeship, or college. Boys would be able to support themselves by the time their hormones start firing. Girls would have learned from Mom how to be a mother before they (hopefully were married and) got pregnant.

      The Bible teaches all this, and if your family is active in a church, a lot of these lessons are reinforced -- both how to parent, and how to grow up on the right path.

      If you destroy the family and corrupt the church, you wind up where we are today. If we don’t control our lives, government is all too happy to step in and ‘help’ out.

  4. randy says:

    When you can buy a bag of pot but not a bag of mulch , a half gallon of whiskey but not a gallon of paint , seems like common sense is not in government but control is , subdue the people so they know not what we do

  5. LogosAletheia says:

    Whitmer’s regulations are typical of the illogic frequented by many Democrats or others with Communist/Marxist mindsets whose prime tool to control is “redefinition” of common terms to equate with their own goals, and not the normal definitions of words. Take, for example, the notion of what constitutes “essential.” Seeds for planting and spring plants for planting and for raising food are essential, because without planting in the spring, THERE IS NO HARVEST. Seeing all the empty shelves currently in groceries, and the lack of common products, it is clear that one method of control is starvation that is intentional by design. Also, Whitmer’s statements that Wednesday’s rally in Lansing could cause (read will cause) the lock down to be extended past April 30th is a threat of using the lockdown to punish the residents for not complying with her orders, whether or not the COVID-10 numbers are decreasing. Indeed, the word on the street that all deaths in Michigan hospitals are currently supposed to all be coded as due to the virus lends credence to the notion of skewing the numbers on purpose for a variety of continued control reasons. While it is very troubling that people get sick and perish from the virus, it is equally, if not more so, troubling that our entire state is being held in limbo and lockdown for a very small percentage of state population perishing from the disease -- less than that for traditional flus, heart attacks, etc., and no where near that for abortions, which definitely take lives. The state was not shut down for those things. We need to start smart, but persistent resistence now and going forward. Enough is enough.

  6. Dani says:

    You get to see what our leaders are like when disaster comes our way. Where are our heads
    putting in people who fly around in AF 3, counting ice-creams in the fridge while people are
    hurting? The LORD is coming soon. The book of truth is open in Daniel 11. Get ready.

  7. Big Pete says:

    Live free, take your life into your own hands, and get ready for the ensuing chaos. Whether they bring it or we do. The time is at hand to get rid of these authoritarians.

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  9. Mr Masher says:

    Move to Russia RED

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