Eight Arrested in Raleigh by Capitol Police

Josh Harris of Cary yells “shame” at police as they prepare to arrest protesters Thursday

Josh Harris above is one of the leaders of Occupy Raleigh (although this is a “leaderless” movement). Shaun Alexandra Ridgway from Raleigh was one of the people arrested at the Capitol. In this video, she told me that no one is listening and that she was from Atlanta, not Raleigh:


This brings the number of people arrested to 27. Whether this incident will impact the Teach-in scheduled for November 3rd with professors is unknown.

David DeGerolamo

Eight at Occupy Raleigh arrested after standoff

A standoff between police and demonstrators with Occupy Raleigh led to the arrests of eight people, including a woman with a handicap, after they refused to leave a sidewalk Thursday in front of the Capitol.

State Capitol Police approached about three dozen or so demonstrators and gave them a 3 p.m. deadline to move all their camp chairs, tables and coolers off the sidewalk. The protesters complied.

But Margaret Schucker, 57, of Raleigh, told the police that she had back problems and needed the chair she was sitting in to participate in the Occupy Raleigh demonstration. She had a blue and white handicapped permit affixed to her chest. When police moved to arrest her, other demonstrators clustered around her and were arrested, too.

Schucker was charged with second-degree trespassing and released without posting bail about two hours after her arrest.

Five of those arrested were charged with resisting arrest and ordered not to return to the Capitol grounds.


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