Forward Observer Magazine – Spring 2014



We’re putting the finishing touches on the Spring print issue of Forward Observer Magazine.  We have a great line up of writers, and Ian and I are both very proud of this issue.  If you’ve ever wanted to support a project that furthered the cause of FREEFOR, that can be used as both a recruiting and educational tool, then Forward Observer Magazine is it.

We’ll be putting in the print order on Friday and then we’ll be getting them back in about a week.  They’ll ship to your door after that.  We’ll only be ordering 200 of these (because that’s all I can afford) so we’ll have limited supplies outside of our pre-orders.  You can order here.

If you want to read articles by John Mosby, Max Velocity, John Jacob Schmidt, Old Sarge, Ian Hawthorne, and Michael Kaplan, then you can order the print issue at the Forward Observer Magazine website.  It’s 64 pages, and includes interviews with Sabo and Robert Vanasco.


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