Got Food?

The chart above (courtesy of shows the effect of the drought across the United States today. The average price increase for the above commodities was 2.28%. This translates into an inflation rate of 600% if we do not include weekend trading. Although we hope this hyperinflation will not occur, the 52 week price range highs are being broken every day. Good thing our government mandates 40% of our corn crop be converted to ethanol so that we can get less miles per gallon, destroy our engines and pay the government more gas taxes.

Don’t complain: someone has to pay for those hollow point bullets. Five bullets per person in the United states and climbing (with a bullet).

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

Will it make a difference who gets elected when it comes to inflation? What will happen to all those Billion bullets? Will the border get closed? Will the FEMA camps get torn down? Will anything change ????????????? Do we stop prepping for disaster???????