Godless Existence Is The Cause Of The Economic Collapse – Ann Barnhardt

I did this interview last week with Financial Survival Network and the YouTube version is now available.

I find it very, very interesting that hard-core financial outlets are calling me wanting to do 20-minute long interviews EXCLUSIVELY about the role and interconnectedness of religion, morality and the Natural Law to the financial markets and overall economy.

Guys, this would have never, ever, ever happened just one year ago. Even the smallest, most glancing mention of God, religion or morality would have been deftly edited out of any interview with a non-religious outlet. Now they want to dedicate entire interviews to it.

Oh, and it also turns out that this interview, along with most of the interviews I give, wind up being the most listened-to and most positively received by the respective outlets. Imagine that. People actually wanting to hear about God and the Truth with brutal forthrightness and without apology. I guess that shoots the entire “no one will listen to me unless I am nice” and “no one will listen if I talk about God” mindset straight to hell (where it belongs). The key to talking about God is to do so INTELLIGENTLY. Since Superfun Rockband church and the Marxist-homosexualists have infiltrated and dumbed-down Christianity, yeah, people hate it and find it repellant and embarrassing. Superfun Rockband chuch is ABSOLUTELY embarrassing in its stupidity, and thus hellish to those people who have more than a couple brain cells to rub together who are exposed to it. If you want to successfully re-evangelize Western Civilization, drop the slack-jawed sub-80 I.Q. imbecility, read the Summa Theologica to start, and then start preaching the Gospel from a position of intelligence and logic. Stupidity is only attractive to stupid people, and even then their attachment to it is completely shallow. Intelligence rooted in Truth is objectively beautiful, and thus almost irresistible. The Apostles didn’t evangelize the world by being slack-jawed imbeciles who pandered to the lowest intellectual strata. They DAZZLED with their intellect and ability to explain, argue and defend concepts in a widely accessible way, which is itself a pure derivative of intelligence.

You are witnessing the very beginnings of the phenomenon of chastisement turning people back to God. It is far too little far too late for us, and we will descend into total chaos, but I guess the good news is that if people are already turning back to God and we haven’t collapsed yet, then imagine how many will turn back to Him when the poop well and truly hits the fan.

Given that, I say BRING IT.

Ann Barnhardt

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