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11 days ago

Leading from the front

9 days ago

We’re being set up for destruction by the Federal Reserve. The international bankers took over America in 1913, when the corrupt whores in Congress gave them control of our monetary system with the Federal Reserve Act. Private bankers control our money supply and they have the power to print money out of thin air. Our government is in debt to private bankers who printed money out of thin air, money the govt. could have printed itself. Please watch Bill Still’s The Money Masters, James Corbett’s Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, and Mike Rivero’s All Wars Are Bankers Wars.
Please watch Greg Mannarino and Jeremiah Babe, who both warn that we are being set up for disaster by the bankers.
The banking cartel is behind the Covid psyop and they are using it to usher in their NWO/Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution. The international bankers at the Federal Reserve are buying up the world with dollars (printed out of thin air). They are in the process of destroying the dollar, so they can force us onto their cashless system (digital slavegrid).
Please get on bitchute and watch Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Michael Yeadon warn about the bioweapon injections, transhumanist agenda, and depopulation agenda. Please watch Allison McDowell, who warns about the Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution--the banking oligarchy plan on enslaving those of us who remain. We will be microchipped and monitored from their satellites.
Please spread the word.

3 days ago

I think a lot of why people do not want to work (the lazy want to stay home and live off gov, but not majority they would love a job, but I think they do not want to wear a %^& mask all day long or get the VAX which a lot of employers want from their employees. And if they get a job it is part time because the employers can’t afford to pay full-time they can’t afford it because they have been shut down for a year. Stop blaming people all the time……………………it is the Gov doing this to us…….NOT US doing it to ourselves………………..