They’re not playing around! Global GENOCIDE against humanity has been initiated!

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12 days ago

65 million!! This was true, I saw before shut down website that day. We better wtf UP AND fight like our lives depend on it. Weapons won’t even fight bio or nuclear war though…this is fd

11 days ago

Come on Mike Adams…. can’t go anywhere near stating who the perps really are. You NEVER do.
It’s the JEWS (and their sellouts) Mike !! You need to grow a pair Sir.
Can’t win a war if you don’t identify the enemy.

10 days ago

I always took them, the globalist tyrants, seriously. As we go day to day what dominates the TV? It’s commercialism. We are lulled into a business as usual mindset. NOTHING IS AS USUAL! We are occupied. What’s worse is the nature of those who are occupying us. They are anything but Americans no matter what they call themselves. Our options are getting fewer and fewer.

10 days ago
Reply to  valerie

I used to think that the term “zionist occupation government” was a Joke.’
It is REALITY. Look at the (((people))) who control the government, military, media, banks, big businesses. Dual-Citizens, for the most part.

3 days ago

You are living in your own little rich world. We are not as fortunate as yourself to have the luxury of a large business and land and knowledge like you were privileged to have, so yes I guess the majority of us are going to die. If all the rich people like yourself would put all of your’s assets together and build our economy up we all would be glad to work for you all because it would be enriching everyone……….not just yourselves