Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry Is Open for Business

Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry is open for business, and we welcome you.

OK, so this is not an actual, accredited school, nor is it a business (yet). But it is a blog developed by Doc Grouch, and Ivy Mike for the citizen concerned with medical care in a grid-down scenario.

You are encouraged to read our disclaimer right away to understand what we are AREN’T trying to do, and to acknowledge the fact that this is still just two guys on the Internet publishing things.

That being said, we will be focusing on wilderness first aid and related activities, because without the magic of fossil-fueled transportation, logistics, first-world security, electricity, running water, and flushing toilets, the medicine can get pretty primitive, pretty fast.


h/t WRSA

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