Judge Jeanine Pirro: We Need to Kill Them!

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6 years ago

Is she talking about arming muslims to fight other muslims? we know how that plays out..
Everyone is praising the Egyptian president, but how long will it last -- time will tell..
Jeanine talks of a reverse Crusade to eliminate christianity never once saying that
the Crusades themselves were to save Christianity..

She talks of our illegal immigration problem never once saying who allowed decades of open borders that led to the problem!!

and the French president -- the other night he too ran away from calling the jihad what it is…

Most should be sick of the news media propaganda of “radical islam” -- read the Koran, its all radical!!

Pam Geller blasted the media for pushing Lone Wolves in jihad -- because it wouldnt fit in with their pro-jihad propaganda offensive….

The Media didnt speak of the islamist who killed the 2 NYPD cops -- they reported it as a race/revenge killing..

The Mainstream Media effectively sided with jihadists following the French massacre..

The ex-muslim girlfriend of cartoonist -- there is “No moderate islam”

I spared you the links but i have plenty of them….

6 years ago

Pirro is just another propagandist for the military/industrial complex. In all the rants that I have listened to, she has never once said anything against Saudi Arabia.

6 years ago
Reply to  JMarshalek

she works for a CFR, open borders loving Rupert…….