How The Fight Over American Freedom Will Probably Escalate

By Brandon Smith

Three months ago in December I published an article titled ‘Is The Globalist Reset Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand’. I was specifically interested in the development of the pandemic “crisis”, the lockdown mandates of governments worldwide, the bizarre vaccination campaign for the new and under-tested mRNA cocktail which was rushed out to the public in the span of six months, the World Economic Forum’s open statements that they hoped to exploit the pandemic as a springboard for their globalist agenda, and the public’s reaction to it all.

I have to say, I continue to see a divergence in what the elites clearly wanted to happen vs. what has actually happened. If the Event 201 pandemic war game on a coronavirus outbreak, held two months before the actual outbreak occurred in China, is any indication, then the globalists greatly overestimated the fear effect of Covid.

They predicted at least 65 million deaths from a coronavirus outbreak, but over a year has passed since the pandemic went international and the official death count stands at 2.5 million, with over 40% of deaths in the US attributed to nursing home patients that were ALREADY dying from preexisting conditions. Removing suspect nursing home deaths from the equation, the death count is probably closer to 1.5 million, again, if we adhere to official estimates.

To put this number in perspective, the CDC states that global deaths from the flu virus peak at around 649,000 depending on the year. Deaths from the flu and pneumonia reach as high as 1.4 million globally per year. Studies funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation find annual pneumonia death stats that are comparable to the CDC’s. Yet, we never saw Bill Gates calling for economic lockdowns, mask mandates and medical passports because of the flu or pneumonia. Why is that?

Today, the death rate of covid is 0.26%, FAR below initial predictions by globalist institutions and governments. It is now widely proven that the lockdowns did NOTHING to slow the infection spread of the virus, and now many areas of the US are starting to experience what the lab coat “professionals” affectionately call “herd immunity”. Infections and deaths are plunging, and the lockdowns and mask mandates were useless.

Like the vast majority of all viral illnesses, humans simply get sick, endure, build immunity and get healthy. Some of us die, as we always have, and government intervention is not needed nor is it welcome. This is why large portions of US and European populations are refusing to accept the lockdowns and the vaccines. Why destroy the economy and submit to a potentially dangerous genetic cocktail over a disease that 99.7% of the population is sure to survive?

The establishment elites really blew it this time.

My suspicion, my “conspiracy theory” if you will, is that the globalists announced their reset agenda under the assumption that the death rate for covid would be MUCH higher than it is. They were expecting something biblical, and instead they got something not much more dangerous than the flu and pneumonia.

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David C
David C
1 month ago

I had a good career analyzing risks of nuclear accidents. From a year ago it was totally obvious to me that it was just a tremendous PR stunt. Deaths in the US in calendar 2020 were lower than 2018 despite the population increase. It was history’s biggest false flag attack on the population and the socio-economic fabric of western civilization. Winter influenza kills mostly the old and the very sick. So what.
Call it COLD-19 because they’ve given a new label to seasonal viral pneumonia.

David C
David C
1 month ago

For anyone who knows anything about disaster planning, the #1 rule is avoid creating panic. And it was Oliver Wendell Holmes (i think) who put a limit on free speechby saying you can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater.
Well, if this had been a genuine emergency the lead agency would have been the US Public Health Service which has medical personnel serving as quasi-military commissioned officers. Under the Surgeon General. And look how they pushed him aside. And FEMA. They’re handling the logistical support. Where was the head of FEMA, and do you know what his name was? Nope.

1 month ago

Mr. Smith hits the nail on the head perfectly with this article.
The media Hysteria about the Texas Rejection of the Coronascam in its entirety indicates that the (((controllers))) are beginning to Panic that the Sheeple no longer belive the bullshit that Fauci and Gates are ‘selling’.
IMO, if they Push Back too Hard at Texas, there is a possibility of making the talk of Secession more than the usual Noise, and then they REALLY have a Problem, as that would Destroy their narrative of the “Feral Government Uber Alles” that they have carefully created over the past Century.
Whether Texas actually Secedes or Not, at the Individual level, the Narrative that the whole thing is a Fraudulent exercise of Federal ‘authority’ gets such a huge Boost, that the continuation of the whole Scam becomes Impossible.

1 month ago

While I agree with everything in this article, I would add:
The real carnage and death numbers the Globalists want to see has yet to happen as I believe it will be caused by the ‘vaccinations’.
They hoped to cause as much fear and panic as possible over COVID19 in order to get the populace (who collectively have no knowledge of the number of deaths from the Cold+Flu CORONA VIRUSES we already have a history of dealing with) onboard with the idea that this must be managed with said vaccines.