How the ‘most conservative governor in North Carolina history’ became a RINO

Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory participates in a University of North Carolina Institute of Politics forum in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Former Gov. Pat McCrory served on the front line of the culture wars in 2016 when he signed North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill,” which curbed protections for transgender people. When he was defeated for reelection later that year by a razor-thin margin, he raised questions about the voting process and didn’t concede until nearly a month after the election.

Those experiences would seem to make McCrory an ideal nominee in a post-Trump GOP animated by claims of election fraud and the politics of transgender rights. Instead, in the run-up to North Carolina’s Tuesday primary, he’s dropping in polls and being dismissed by MAGA faithful as a liberal RINO.



It is so easy to distract us from what is really important. Become sapient. Focus, prepare and pray for discernment. Elections are just diversions.

David DeGerolamo

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2 days ago

“If elections mattered, they would not be allowed”. TINVOWOOT!

2 days ago

Having NWO democRat Quisling Burr endorsement isn’t helping McCrory. Tillis is also too Rino for me. The Repub party of Mitchy McCuckold, Lying Ryan has to be flushed down the toilet, it Stinks to high heaven.

2 days ago

An alignment with Tillis says RINO to me. I don’t care for Budd all that much either. He is a RINO waiting to happen. Trump has not been very good for picking people who resist the pressures of being in a fascist government.

Aime Hart
Aime Hart
20 hours ago

It would be interesting to ask the Governor if he considers himself a member of the fundamental Christian ( not really ) group called “The Family” or “The Fellowship” or “C Street”. Most of his political friends are.
That group flies under the radar but is responsible for most of what is going on. They want to “transform America” and “set up the Kingdom”.

Funny, God never told his people to set up any Kingdom for him.