How Venezuela Became A Communist Totalitarian State

When Hugo Chávez was running in his first successful presidential campaign, back in 1998, he was asked point blank in several television interviews whether or not he was a communist.

icolás Maduro has replaced Venezuela’s Congress with the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly controlled by the ruling party. (MPPP)

His reply was identical to the one given by Fidel Castro to Princeton University students during his visit to the United States in 1959: “I am a humanist.”

Years later, on consolidating total power in his own hands, Chávez again emulated Fidel and confessed to being “a convinced follower of Marxist-Leninist ideology.”

During his 14-year rule in Venezuela, Chávez followed a strategy of introducing socialism in stages. The first stage entailed obtaining total control of all institutions of the Venezuelan state. Thus, during the first four years, he concentrated his efforts in changing the Constitution, packing the Supreme Court, installing soviet-style political commissars in army units, and changing the national identity card and the electoral system to ensure his reelection through manipulation of voter-rolls. During this stage, Chávez was not interested in antagonizing the private sector or the business community. He had enough on his plate, and knew he could not tackle all enemies at once.

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Regarding this election…
Folks. Please remember, that even as we sit here as keyboard warriors, it is not enough. As we post memes, and support for our president, and our disgust for the evils of communism and today’s democrat party, it is not enough. Even as we talk about how millions should head straight to Washington DC and build gallows for the traitorous bastards who receive gifts from communist China and sell out the very people who voted for them, it is not enough.
It is only a start, but we must do more. We have only a couple weeks left before ALL of our freedoms are stripped away. FOREVER. Hyperbole? Don’t bet your life, and the life of your family on it.

We must also communicate with our elected officials. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We must communicate with our families, and show them the facts, and ask them, even if they don’t agree with us, to please, PLEASE just consider that we are ALL being lied to by the democrats AND the republicans.

We must do our very best to spread the word to those who may not know what is going on… remember, most people get their news from the TV or facebook. We think they are aware, but they are not. It is evident when even public officials, when interviewed on Newsmax, and America’s Voice, and even FoxNews, that they only have a tiny bit of the information. We know a lot more because we are HERE seeking the information as well as repost it.

We have a common enemy. It is COMMUNISM. Communism and communist leaders have killed 100 million people in the last 100 years (some think it is a far higher number). THAT is the definition of an enemy.

We may face a day, very soon… very very soon, where our lives depend on destroying the communists. They have every intention of destroying us. In the meantime, get the word of their intentions, by whatever means you can, to everyone you can. They didn’t think it would happen in Venezuela. That was 1999.

Send letters. Sign up for a free fax account if you don’t have a fax machine and fax your representatives and senators, both federal and state. Send professional, well-written messages, and let them know that this will not stand. Let them know we will not be subjugated, and that we will only support them if they represent us as they have been elected to do. Call their offices. Make notes about what you want to say, and say it. Get the name of the aide who takes your call, and ask for a return call. You won’t get it, but ask anyway. Make a difference. It’s probably the last time you will have the opportunity.

If we allow the communists to get into power, they will never let it go. Ever. Then we’re slaves, or we’re in gulags, or we’re dead.

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gail jansen
gail jansen
7 months ago

Thank you for the article on Venezuela and your pleas. You are right in every way. I have stayed connected to m elected officials since the 60s but now, even ones I have helped in very personal ways, are aloof. Their gate keepers are no longer an intern or assistant, but AI rotary systems or emails that don’t allow attachments or in-depth explanations. I still call, write, email, send letters to the editor and make a point of going to meet them when they come to town. But, communication has changed and our tactics have not. Everything now is about massing numbers on social media. Truthfully, I believe that the greatest impact are the ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies where the sheer mass of citizens is both inspiring and intimidating. What I am saying is that we have reached the point where the act of physically standing in front of the elected official is essential (not at a hearing or townhall where they control every thing) but face to face and let them know who we are, what we think, and how serious we are about the outcome we expect. Men like my Senator, James Lankford, who is a bone fide RINO will only be moved by feeling the hot breath of his constituents. We have allowed them to become insulated and pious…and dirty. Stop the Steal will stand up again in Washington, DC this coming weekend. If you ever thought about going, now is the time…and make a point of stopping past a senator or congressperson’s office to breathe on them for a few minutes.

7 months ago

Sorry to burst your balloon, but doubt any politician can resist jumping on board the Covid gravy train. We need to take our government back from these traitors. DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT!Boycott taxation.

7 months ago

SCOTUS is our last peaceful line of defense against communism. After that…if that fails, there is only ONE SOLUTION left to us. For those that say “violence has never solved anything” to that I say BS! It is the ultimate resolve. It is the ONLY THING our enemies will listen to. Hitler wasn’t defeated by talking or peaceful protests. Britain didn’t release the American colonies because we asked King George nicely. Violence and the threat of violence was the only thing that gave us the favored outcome we desired. Everything else failed.

And so, here we are, asking and begging again for our country to not be destroyed. And why would those that wish to destroy America listen to us? There is no downside to ignoring us. There is no negative impact for continuing as they are in the taking of our elections and our country. Only one thing…the thing of last resort, will get us what we want. And it is going to take a hard resolve to do it. Violence is not easy…and that is why it is the weapon of last resort. But we may soon be there. What will we do? Do we have it in us or have be gone soft. Will be do what is hard, or will we slowly comply and grumble about it?