I did not pay my taxes or vote Republican for America to become Al-Qaeda’s military.

by Judson Phillips

It is not too often that a blog, or even a major political idea can be summed up in one sentence but this one can.

I did not pay my taxes, support and vote for Republicans so that America would become the military arm of Al-Qaeda.

What on earth are the Republicans thinking?

Well first, John McCain isn’t.  During the Senate hearings, he proved what a total joke he and the Senate are.  He was playing online poker.  When criticized about it, he took to his twitter feed and made a joke of it saying, the worst part about it was that he lost.

No, the worst part about this is that you are committing America’s military to be Al-Qaeda’s military.

While John McCain was playing video poker, because that was clearly more interesting that what was going on when deciding whether or not our nation would ally itself with the same people that gave us 9/11, Secretary of State and American traitor John Kerry was saying we had no way of knowing if American boots would end up on the ground in Syria.


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