Immoral Monday

I just returned from the General Assembly in Raleigh, North Carolina where the Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday rally reached over 1000 people. I am working on videos tonight but a few thoughts first:

1. The numbers of these rallies are increasing each week.

2. The intelligence level of the speakers and attendees does show a distinct problem with our educational system.

3. You cannot have an intelligent debate with the people attending these rallies.

4. In their eyes, the Tea Party is evil.

5. I need to take a shower.

To be fair, the people and speakers are evil incarnate in my eyes. Imagine having a conversation with a man from Black Mountain (a community organizer by his own admission) who is wearing a planned parenthood T-shirt with a message that abortions should not have to include a co-pay. In other words, it is the responsibility of the government to pay for all abortions completely. When I asked him about contraception, he said that we should pay for that completely also: it is cheaper for society than having to pay to raise a baby.

Note to this person: whistle blowers are being murdered by this administration.

I will let the videos speak for themselves. Unless you were listening live to the rally on Sirius Left – Liberal Talk, you will have to settle for the last half of the rally.

David DeGerolamo

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7 years ago

David, thank you so much for filming this for us to see.