December 19, 2020

Brad Johnson explains the hacking scheme

According to Johnson, basically Italy was directly involved in the manipulation of votes in the US elections.

The intelligence analyst partially confirms the story regarding the US special forces raid to recover Dominion’s servers hosted in the CIA Frankfurt station.

Other sources confirmed the authenticity of the story and apparently the raid was successful in retrieving the servers, which constitute an irrefutable evidence of the fraud.

General Thomas McInerney claimed that after the raid a violent fight had ensued between the CIA paramilitary called in from Afghanistan to defend the station and the US special forces group.

Five military members would lose their lives in the harsh battle.

Johnson offers another version, even more shocking if possible. The former CIA agent doesn’t deny this operation but he claims that the hacked data had been moved from Frankfurt to Rome, in the US embassy located in the central street of via Veneto.

According to Johnson, Frankfurt servers only hosted partial tracks of the hacking, but the real main protagonist of the attack would have been Rome.

During the election day, something unprecedented in the history of US election occurred.

Suddenly, the vote counting in the key states was simultaneously halted in the middle of the night, when in Italy was already morning.

The hacking operation was in course, but the perpetrators realized that there was something wrong.

“Trump was taking a record number of votes” says Johnson, and the switching of votes from Trump to Biden was not enough to definitely deliver the “victory” to the democratic candidate.

The US embassy in Rome allegedly involved in the hacking attack



Duckduckgo links for Italygate.

Google seems to be suppressing information on Italygate.

David DeGerolamo

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3 months ago

I agree to all these facts as I have other sources that have confirmed all of this -- but the loss in GA senator race only makes this one question what are we going to do about all of this — First and foremost -- I trust no elections any longer — not sure if any person not regurgitating the company line will ever get elected again- Where do we go from here and how long do we wait -- The thugs from the left are running around terrorizing anyone standing in their way — In Dc today We need one leader to rise from the pack -- pray to god for forgiveness what we are going to have to do -I fear


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